Hair care

Hair masks based on yogurt

This is a fermented milk productvery thick, fat (not less than 3.2%) of soured milk. At the heart of its preparation are only pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria that make yogurt a health healing. It is used in medicine, nutrition, time has come to open it for themselves and as an excellent cosmetic for hair care. From it obtained effective masks for all types of locks, after which the texture is aligned strands, they become obedient, bright, strong, no longer split and break. We just need to know how it is used in the home yogurt hair and what results you can expect.


  • 1 Value of yogurt hair
  • 2 The use of yogurt hair
  • 3 Recipes masks of yogurt hair

Value yogurt hair

If you are interested to know more than helpfulclotted hair, enough to reveal the secrets of its chemical composition. Fiddle playing there already above-mentioned lactic acid bacteria. They remove excess fat, which produces subcutaneous glands, normalize water balance at the cellular level, soothe irritation of the scalp with seborrhea, strengthen the immune system (the hair's ability to withstand external harmful influences). Besides them, the curdled many other useful substances, which manifest themselves very active, getting into the hair and into the subcutaneous layers of the head.

  • pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) smoothes the scales of the hair, making each of them a smooth and silky;
  • folic acid (B9 vitamin) is an effective means ofdandruff, possessing anti-inflammatory properties, it relieves irritation and itching of the skin of the head, curls provides reliable protection from the scorching sun, polluted air, chemical effects hairdressing procedures;
  • ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) - an additional production of collagen in the cells, which makes the curls elastic, strong, elastic;
  • niacin (Vitamin B3, or PP) - one of the most important substances for the hair, it provides volume, shine, prevents them from premature graying, contributes to their faster growth;
  • choline (Vitamin-like substance) controls the amount of bleeding subcutaneous fat glands, improving the condition gets dirty, greasy hair;
  • potassium We need above all dry strands, as its main function - to moisturize, prevent dryness and help cell membranes to retain precious moisture inside the cells;
  • calcium participates in almost all metabolic processes occurring in the tissues, which improves the appearance of hair;
  • lactic acid. proteins actively restore damaged istonchёnnyh structure, brittle hair.

Thanks to its rich in vitamins, mineralsbacteria and chemical composition, yogurt hair turns this medicinal product. It will cure seborrhea, alopecia, eliminate itching of the scalp, strengthens the roots, align the strands and make them soft and silky. Options for its use as a home cosmetic products vary, but they all require knowledge of some small but important women's tricks. They help to remove from the hair sour maximum benefit.

The use of yogurt hair

Apply yogurt to treat hair candifferently. Someone prefers to wrap for the night, someone more to their liking conventional mask for an hour, and some used to wash head yogurt, and then enjoy the natural radiance of its recovery, returning to the curls of life. To all these procedures were equally helpful and efficient as possible, it is advisable to follow some recommendations for home use yogurt as a means of hair care products.

  1. Yogurt is easy to cook at home, so try to use a homemade product, which will be much more efficient shop.
  2. Before mixing the ingredients, curdled better slightly warmed on a hot pan lid or in a water bath. It has to be either warm or roomtemperature, but not cold. Similarly, heated cosmetic oils and honey. However, make sure that their temperature is not exceeded 50 ° C, unless the mask includes eggs (they may curl) or essential oils (they lose their useful properties at high temperatures).
  3. Wash is not necessary prior to hair treatment procedure yogurt head.
  4. To put it better on slightly damp curls. First, the mixture is rubbed into the roots, lubricated scalp, then comb distributed on length of hair, do not stay on the sidelines and tips that can be at the end of a dip in the prepared mask.
  5. Long strands may messed after applicationmeans dirtying clothes, so it is better to tighten the unit repaired or barrette. To enhance the action recommended prostokvashnoy mask to hide his head a plastic bag, cut along the seam, or a polyethylene cap for showering. Terry towel twisted into a turban in the last turn.
  6. Rinse-off products with yogurt easy as using shampoo, and without it. The last rinsing is better to make a decoction of herbs or lemon juice.
  7. After washing the hair should dry yourself without the use of a hair dryer.
  8. Masks from the yogurt hair can be used as a prophylactic once a week, as a treatment against greasy or dandruff - 2 or 3 times. A month later, it is recommended to take a break.

Observance of simple rules will provide a means ofHair curdled maximum efficiency. Adhering to these guidelines, you will not be disappointed and they will be able to enjoy the results, which do not keep us waiting too long. Treat Severe selection of recipes, the amount of which exceeds the limit, but to really "work" in your case, it may be only one.

Recipes masks of yogurt hair

The most popular of all the classic recipeshair mask from yogurt, in which the product is used in its pure form. However, it can be optionally supplemented with other products to enhance the effects of this or that yogurt on your scalp and strands themselves. Selection - only for you.

  • Night Wrap hair with yogurt

In pure form, warmed yogurt without any auxiliary components had to rub into the scalp, put on hair, warm and go to bed.

  • Mask for oily hair

In a glass of sour stir how to two tablespoons of edible salt. Add three drops of essential oils of tea tree and cedar.

  • Nourishing mask

Slightly warmed yogurt mixed with a raw egg yolk.

  • for dry hair mask

Mix a glass of warm yogurt with three tablespoons of heated honey.

  • Mask for hair growth

A tablespoon of mustard powder, pour a glass of warm yogurt, stir thoroughly, add a raw egg yolk.

  • vitamin mask

Stir together warm cup of yogurt,50 ml olive (also preheated) oil, 20 ml of liquid honey. Before applying the mask to pour into any ampoule vitamin (retinol acetate, thiamine, or pyridoxine).

This is such a wonderful cosmetic productIt turns sour for hair: Effective mask, excellent rinsing night wrapping - everything works perfectly and most efficiently. The greatest advantage of this product - in its naturalness. With it, you can not be afraid to spoil locks "chemistry" and synthetics, which today is enough in every store means of hair care products.