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Hair mask based on sea buckthorn oil: the use and usage rules

These berries used in Greece back to lifefaint, tired out horses. They are so ancient that, according to scientists, saw mammoths and grew in the pre-glacial period. It is unfair to the forgotten nowadays buckthorn, once considered a cure-all. It is time to bring back into use its beauties and achieve the maximum benefit from it. For those who want to ensure their adequate care curls, give them luster and shine without lamination and keratirovaniya, sold in pharmacies sea buckthorn oil - a viscous, bright orange, flavorful and incredibly useful for the beauty and health of hair.


  • 1 The effectiveness of sea buckthorn oil
  • 2 The use of masks of sea buckthorn oil
  • 3 Select recipe

The efficacy of sea buckthorn oil

The action, which has a sea buckthorn oil in thehair - it is a complex job lot of different vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances in its chemical composition. Each of them penetrating into the scalp, own function performed at the cellular level. Do not delude ourselves that the sea buckthorn oil components have worked for the deepest layers and radically change the structure of your curls. No: action will be rather superficial, but constant use will have a certain effect:

  • carotene moisturize dry hair, restores damaged, treats dandruff;
  • tocopherol (Beauty vitamin E) provides cells with oxygen, has a moisturizing and firming effect, stimulates hair growth;
  • askorbinka (Vitamin C), which is contained in sea buckthorn oilin sufficient quantity - known natural antioxidant that fights against free radicals, improving circulation (and thus promoting the growth of hair), and rejuvenates the cells are synthesizing collagen, which leads to the elastic strands and elastic;
  • linoleic acid (Vitamin F) has a restorative effect, heal microdamages as split ends and strengthens the roots, thus preventing hair loss;
  • sterols - Excellent anti-inflammatory drugs,which allow sea buckthorn oil to soothe inflamed and irritated scalp with seborrhea; Their deficiency causes alopecia (baldness), therefore a mask with sea buckthorn oil for hair - the perfect remedy for their loss;
  • phospholipids We need to activate the metabolic processes in the scalp, at the roots;
  • fruit acids cells outputted from unwanted, harmful substances,acting like a vacuum cleaner: all know the hair's ability to absorb from the atmosphere, all sorts of pollution; These same substances have a drying effect and are ideally suited for the care of oily hair, despite the fact that this oil masks.

Integrated, full action - therapeutic andcosmetic simultaneously - has sea buckthorn oil in the hair. As a result, lifelessly hanging hemp as soon as possible become strong, shiny, healthy, gain energy they need, get rid of diseases of the scalp (dandruff, alopecia, hair loss). Efficacy masks based on it will depend on how to use them correctly.

The use of masks of sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil is a fulldrug and cosmetic product at a time. This is no ordinary food that chop, whipped and struck on the hair without any problems. Oily, viscous consistency, coloring effects, and sometimes deter the difficulty flushing the beauties of this unique tool. And absolutely nothing: all of these pitfalls can be easily avoided if you know the rules of the masks of sea buckthorn oil.

  • Where to get?

Buckthorn can grow in their area: tree quite unpretentious and give a good harvest. The berries at home can make a high-quality, natural oil that can be effectively used for hair care. If this is not the time or the earth, you can go to the drugstore and buy a bottle of healing oils from sea buckthorn at a very low price.

  • What to do?

1. Oil the single thin strand somewhere on the back of the head, rinse it after 15 minutes and the vote results after drying. Sea buckthorn has a powerful staining effect, so the blonde at risk of an unwanted reddish hue.

2. For the same reason, before the procedure, it is desirable to wear gloves and old clothes, which would be a pity not to stain.

3. Oil will act at times more effective if its pre-warmed in a water bath to 35-40 ° C.

4. Cooked mask will need to check for compatibility with its own skin. For this purpose, a small amount applied to the inner skin of the wrist, wash after 15 minutes, and observe the result for one hour. No side effects - further guarantee the safe use of sea buckthorn oil for hair.

5. After applying the mask on a clean, lightly moistened head (processed leather, roots strands, the ends) of the cost to make insulation plastic bag (a plastic cap use is impractical because it is highly soiled with oil) and warm towels.

6. The validity of such masks Time for blonde - 15-30 minutes for brunettes and brown-haired women - 40-60 minutes.

  • How to rinse?

To the oil was left oily film on the hairand strands of it did not seem sticky hair after the mask should be rinsed under the special scheme. Please foam head on a dry shampoo with a mask structure, and then rinse with warm water all together with the addition of lemon juice or a decoction of herbs (nettle, linden, chamomile).

All these details will help to remove the masks of sea buckthorn oil with maximum benefits for the hair.

Select recipe

If you select the recipe you need to be guided by its composition, preferring those components that are always at hand. Pay attention to the fact, to solve a problem is this or that mask.

  • Moisturizing

Three tablespoons of chopped burdock root pour 300 ml of warm boiled water, bring to a boil, cool slightly, drain, mix with five tablespoons of heated sea buckthorn oil.

  • For hair growth

Three tablespoons of mustard powder to dilutecold water to a creamy consistency. Thoroughly whisk and mix with three tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil. Rub into the hair roots only, not treating themselves or strands or tips.

  • Nutritious

Three tablespoons of warm sea buckthorn oil mixed with two raw eggs whipped. After this mask hair will shine with beautiful gloss.

  • Healing

Mix one tablespoon of such cosmetic oils, such as sea buckthorn, burdock, eucalyptus and castor. However, heating them in a water bath to the desired temperature.

With such knowledge, you can easily become a realan expert on sea buckthorn oil for hair. With the right approach and proper use of it can turn lifeless hair into a chic cascade of shiny curls.