Fresh breath

How should smell like a man out of his mouth? Most likely, so as not to attract the attention of others, even when in close contact. And what to do in case of his mouth comes an unpleasant smell?

Bad breath (in a scientific way - halitosis)It can occur at each of us after eating certain foods (onions, garlic, cabbage) and in the morning, after sleeping. This physiological halitosis. In this case, the best assistant - toothbrush.

Fresh breath

However, about 25% of the world's population is constantlysuffer pathological halitosis. Here in the course are all the tricks that people harass tons of gum, mints handfuls bite, tongue and teeth brushing has jammed "into holes", but the smell will appear again and again.

Smell from the mouth

To find out how fresh your breath, hold his hand to his face, so to cover her mouth and nose at the same time. Take a deep breath mouth: the smell?

If it is difficult to understand, buy in a drugstore disposable paper mask and arrange a minute "quarantine". The smell that you feel behind the mask, feel the surrounding.

There are special devices - indicatorsfresh breath, with which you will be able to evaluate breath on a 5-point scale. On the assurances of manufacturers, the use of such a device - not a luxury but a sign of good taste. But, in my opinion, it's easier to ask about the smell from the family, and even better - a child. Kid, without resorting to diplomacy, tell it like it is.

A more complex device - the analyzer. This instrument determines the gas composition of exhaled air. According to the analysis we can draw conclusions about the causes of halitosis.

Why breath smells bad?

The most common causes of halitosis - the following:

- The lack of oral hygiene,
- Diseases of the gums and periodontal,
- Dental disease,
- Dryness of the mouth - dry mouth,
- Inflammatory diseases of the oral mucosa.

In these cases, bacteria in the mouth and accumulatefood debris that exude a fetid odor, and remove their "home" methods is not always possible. Therefore, treatment of halitosis need to start with a dentist. However, halitosis is not always associated with problems in the oral cavity.

In 10% of cases the causes of bad breath are:

- Diseases of upper respiratory tract: rhinitis, sinusitis, inflammation of the tonsils,
- Gastrointestinal disease,
- Lung disease,
- Diseases of the endocrine system,
- Different diets, taking certain medications, smoking.

How to identify disease for breath?

The smell of "rotten eggs" - the smell of hydrogen sulfide. Occurs when the protein decay. Along with a sense of heaviness and pain in the stomach after eating, rumbling, nausea, belching can appear in gastritis with low acidity, pyloric stenosis, diverticulum of the esophagus or stomach, diaphragmatic hernia, and others.

Sometimes the "smell of rotten eggs" from the mouth can occurovereating during normal after the holidays. In this case, rapid assistance can receive sorbents (activated carbon, "Smecta") and enzyme preparations ( "Mezim", "Festal", "Pancreatin", "Creon" et al.).

The sour smell and taste in the mouth is often accompanied by gastritis with high acidity, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, esophageal disease.

The bitter smell and taste in the mouth mayevidence of liver or gall bladder (hepatitis, cholelithiasis, dyskinesia of the gallbladder, and others.). In these cases, the language is often covered with yellow coating.

Sometimes there is fecal breath. This happens when the intestine dyskinesia, dysbiosis, intestinal obstruction.

The smell of acetone, rotten apples, sugary taste happens in diseases of the pancreas in diabetes.

Urinary breath - in diseases of the kidneys.


The smell from rtaDlya to quickly get rid ofhalitosis, invented many ways:. fresheners, aerosols for oral, candy, chewing gum, lozenges, etc. And, although their effect is unstable, these agents are well freshen the breath at the right time.

If the hand is not there anything you can drink strong tea and rinse your mouth and throat with clean water.

Good eliminate the smell of fresh firm apples, carrots, dill. To drown out the smell of garlic, onions or wine, you can chew parsley or celery.

To quickly mask the smell and get rid of the bad taste in your mouth, you can chew on coffee grain.

Most bad breath occurs in people whose profession is connected with the need to say much. A long conversation mucosa of the mouth is dry, the amount of saliva decreases.

And saliva - this is our purpose cleaner mouth. It contains antibacterial substances (lysozyme) that destroy bacteria. Saliva cleans the mouth, dissolves the products of vital activity of microbes, food residues. Therefore, the lack of saliva breath amplified.

If you encounter such a probl
emoy, try to drink more. One or two sips of water during a speech or lecture, not only freshen breath, but also bring thoughts in order.

It considered useful for breakfast oat porridge: it increases saliva production.

If the hand is in the morning or in the evening was nottoothbrush, you can do without it. Firmly rub the teeth and gums thumb, treat lingual and buccal surface of the gums. This not only helps to get rid of the "morning" smell, but great massages gums.

It is considered very useful to wipe the gums pulp walnut. Together with a pleasant nutty smell you get a complete vitamin cocktail.

Halitosis - the problem is primarily social. What kind of sociability, charm, sexuality and self-confidence can say, if his mouth comes a repulsive smell ?!

However, do not despair and go to extremes: rub the tongue and tonsils to shine, all the forces suppressing a gag reflex, look dubious "miracle" and other recipes. Oral health is very simple, and we are familiar with it since childhood. No need to invent anything new.

If bad breath is bothering you and others,in spite of the daily hygienic procedures, go to the dentist. In 90% of cases, the doctor will be able to help you. If the dentist will make a verdict of "healthy", but the smell remains, you need to look for the cause inside.

In this case, well to go for a visit to theENT doctor. If the treatment of tonsillitis, sinusitis, rhinitis and other diseases of the ear-nose-throat, you do not need, be surveyed at the therapist. Often the cause of the odor is a chronic disease to which people have long used. Here it reminds of itself in moments of exacerbation thus bad breath.