To the nails grow faster

To the nails grow faster in the last 70 years fingernails started to grow 25% faster, the researchers found. However, the growth of the nail plate can be accelerated further.

To the nails grow faster

Experts estimate that in the nail platemodern man grows by more than 3.47 mm for 1 month (this figure was equal to 2 mm in the 30s). And fingernails grow by almost 2 times faster than on foot.

What can affect the growth of nails? In fact, the factors are many. The researchers noticed that in the summer of nail growth accelerating.

It's no secret that nutrition affects the growth of nails. You must include in your diet foods rich in:

- Vitamin D,
- Calcium,
- Omega-3
- Zinc.

There is also a set of cosmetics,allowing slightly accelerate nail growth. Incidentally, the application of the decorative lacquer is also useful as a manicure nail plates protects from external factors and injuries.

And here are some factors to help slow the growth of nails. First of all, it's smoking, and poor environment.