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Teeth whitening at home - without damage to enamel

Teeth whitening at home - without damage to enamelMany girls think about how to whiten teethhome without harming the enamel? In fact, there are many very effective ways to make a snow-white teeth, and remove excess plaque. You can take advantage of professional gels and pastes, which are sold in pharmacies, they help to make a snow-white smile, but it will have to spend at least 3-4 treatments to notice a small result.

Of course, you can make a specialprofessional cleaning of the teeth with additional bleaching in the dentist's office, but it will cost not small money. You can spend not so much money at the same time to get a great result in just one procedure.

Teeth whitening at home - without damage to enamelIt is necessary to seek the assistance of the national media,These procedures will help to quickly remove all excess yellowed plaque from the tooth surface, the coating can be formed due to the consumption of black coffee, Coca-Cola and products with a large number of dyes. This method is perfect for those who want to go on a date, and the preparation is not much time.

There are several methods how to whiten teethhome without harm enamel folk remedies. To perform this procedure, you need to prepare such products and substances that can be found in every kitchen cabinet and in every medicine cabinet. It is important that the completion of the procedures should be strictly observe the recommended proportions, and of course do a cleaning of the teeth are not more often than once in half a year.

Using soda adding peroxide

This method can be considered one of the easiest andpopular, but at the same time, with frequent use of it will be very dangerous for dental health. If you look at this method on the one hand, the composition of the cleaning means is quite simple and the components can be bought in the store and the pharmacy for mere pennies. But while such a purification method can bring irreparable damage tooth enamel as hydrogen peroxide by reacting with soda beginning to act on enamel and injure it, this ultimately leads to the fact that cracks in the enamel, and it breaks.

This happens at frequent use of suchmethod of cleaning teeth, but if you use the baking soda with the addition of peroxide only once in half a year, there is nothing wrong with your teeth will not happen. If you want to learn a simple and effective method of how to whiten teeth at home without damaging the enamel baking soda, then this option is ideal.

Teeth whitening at home - without damage to enamel

To prepare such a cleanser,taken one big spoon of regular table soda and mixed with half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. When the ingredients are well mixed and the obtained paste, it is added to water until the weight does not get gelatinous consistency while soda must be a little thick.

When the mixture to whiten teethhome without harming the enamel is prepared, it can be applied to an ordinary toothbrush and brush her tooth enamel, special attention should be paid to those areas where the teeth are especially dark and yellowed.

Brushing your teeth will take about two minutes, andthen spit out the mixture. It is important to mention that to swallow baking soda with hydrogen peroxide can not be, it can be dangerous to health. When the cleaning is completed, you are ready to rinse the mouth with water. After this procedure, do not eat and drink with dyes, so allowed to drink only pure water for three hours after the procedure.

Ash from wood

Teeth whitening at home - without damage to enamel

Probably many people know that the ash containsa sufficiently large amount of potassium hydroxide, the substance is well whitens teeth. Of course, the visible result is unlikely to be achieved in just one application of the tool, but if you make a few treatments, the result can hit. Thanks to a special substance, the ash will help to cope with a yellow bloom even in places where no one gets toothbrush, at the expense of the teeth will appear whiter and cleaner.

It should be noted that the tooth enamel is quite weakand may be damaged, it is better not to use this method too often, two times a year is enough. Though one procedure can not greatly worsen the health of your teeth, yet all dentists recommend to abandon this method of cleansing of plaque, as the teeth begin to rapidly crumble with weak enamel. If you still want to try this method to whiten your teeth, you need to add to the ash emollient - conventional toothpaste, suitable even whitening. When cleaning is finished, the mouth was washed with pure water, and then a special solution to teeth.

Pasta egg

Teeth whitening at home - without damage to enamelIf the girl wondering how to whiten teethhome without harm enamel for 1 day, while maintaining the appearance of the dental enamel and the health of the teeth themselves, should consider the option of cooking pasta dentifrice egg proteins. To prepare a paste, prepared egg white, it is mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda, a little mint and spoon big spoon of milk. To get the desired effect, the paste is used twice a day in the morning and evening. Each tooth cleaning should have a duration of at least three minutes and not more than five.

When the cleaning procedure is finished, the cavitymouth rinse with warm water, because at the end of cleaning the gums and teeth will be sensitive. When the procedure is completely finished, the girls are advised not to consume food and drinks in one hour, you can only drink pure drinking water. Within three hours, the teeth are sharply react to hot and cold foods, so it is advisable to abandon their use.

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Of course, the word "lemon", many remember himvery sour taste, because of its acid girls try not to use this citrus. Many girls and did not like the taste of lemon, so they prefer to turn to other methods of teeth whitening at home without damaging the enamel than the lemon.

If you want to quickly and effectivelyremove plaque and whiten yellowed enamel, can be used for this fresh lemon juice. For starters take a lemon and cut it in half, from slices squeeze some juice on a cotton ball and wipe this disk tooth enamel, performed this procedure takes about one or two minutes, after which you can simply rinse the mouth with water at room temperature. After the procedure is applied to the teeth layer of whitening toothpaste and mouth rinse again. Using whitening toothpaste with the particles can get the best score of the teeth lightening.

Essential oils

To prepare a mixture of bleaching oils,alcohol is prepared, which is poured into the vessel is sufficient just one spoon. One tea spoon of alcohol is added just two drops of essential oil, you can choose the one that will be enjoyed, such as lemon oil or tea tree (it also reduces inflammation). Once the essential oil is added to the alcohol, the mixture was dropped onto a cotton pad and wipe them tooth enamel. It is very important to check the body's response to the new oil when changing the essential oil. Very often, because of high concentrations of essential substances may have an allergic reaction or irritation, and therefore oil dripping onto the skin to look response.

Teeth whitening at home - without damage to enamel

You can use the standard olive oil,which should be in your home medicine cabinet, if the house there was no essential oils. Olive oil is perfectly removes excess yellowness to the tooth enamel and helps make more white smile and beautiful. It is worth noting that this oil does not bring any harm, quite the contrary, it is very useful to the body. Therefore, the question of how to whiten teeth at home without damaging the enamel - this oil is an excellent solution!

To get a visible effect, you need every morningand lubricate the teeth every night so oil and leave it for seven minutes, when the time is up, you can just brush your teeth whitening toothpaste and mouth rinse.

If you want to get a more professionalvisible result of bleaching tooth enamel, dental professionals can use tools for teeth whitening. For example, excellent whitening toothpaste whitening (not per application), kappa gel, special tooth enamel whitening strips and more.

Teeth whitening at home - without damage to enamel

Kappa gel

If you wonder how to whiten teeth at homeconditions without damaging the enamel quickly, while getting a great result, it is possible to use special mouthguard to the teeth. They can not give perfect results in just one day, but even after two hours teeth will look lighter. If you are wearing mouthguards for several hours a day, really good teeth bleached. Unfortunately, this is simply impossible to find products in the pharmacy will have to go to the dental clinic and make them to order, because the aligners must fully conform to the shape and size of the teeth. Furthermore, the bleaching agent when properly matched kappa, may fall on the gums, causing serious damage to delicate tissues Burn.

To properly use a mouthguard is recommendedcarefully read the instructions for their application. The instructions will indicate how much time you need to wear them, if you overdo it with the clock, the teeth can become gray and cracked. If that happens, then restore them will be much more expensive than bleach. We'll have to spend about ten thousand to several layers of new spraying.

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Strips to remove yellow teeth

If you want to get a great resultwhitening, you should check out how to whiten teeth at home without damaging the enamel whitening strips reviews. They show a very good result, because in just a couple of days of using bad teeth whitened. But it is worth considering that, as a means to quickly whiten teeth, it can be considered sufficiently dangerous for the enamel, as it is quite detrimental effect on the teeth.

Teeth whitening at home - without damage to enamel

To get a bad result, it is besttalk to an experienced dentist who understands a lot about these tools and can give advice on their correct use. For example, such strips will not whiten them immediately and the upper and lower teeth, first processed one row, and only then the other. If you use the strips are not correct, the teeth darken as all white enamel will be completely destroyed by the substance of the strips.

Whitening toothpaste for teeth

Many people prefer to use a pasteeveryday. In fact, you can not do this, as they say dentists use whitening toothpaste only twice a week, as it also hurts the tooth enamel. Further, such a paste can not help with complex problems of yellowing enamel, it only supports white teeth, but with complex problems not handle it. Another point in the use of such a paste - correct teeth brushing. If you do not brush your teeth for a long time and is not correct, the pasta will not be able to remove even a fairly simple plaque on the teeth.

Several white teeth secrets

Teeth whitening at home - without damage to enamel1) That the teeth stay white after cleaning the mouth should be rinsed with a special solution or diluted in water with baking soda;

2) If, after eating in the teeth stuck leftovers,it is best not to use a toothpick to remove them, as they may damage the tender gums, leading to inflammation. In this special case preferable to use dental floss.

3) If you want to have strong and beautiful teeth,you need to properly carry out cleaning of the teeth. Also cleansing should take place both in the morning and in the evening before bedtime. The entire procedure takes place in not less than 3-5 minutes.

4) Tooth enamel is dark and damaged by cigarettesmoke, so it is recommended to quit smoking or inhaling tobacco smoke as little as possible. That tobacco causes that eventually the teeth start to turn yellow and crumble. It is also preferable to give up those drinks that contain a lot of dyes, such as coffee and cola. For teeth very useful solid food, so it is more likely to eat fresh apples.

If after cleaning paste or a new means for whitening teeth had dark stains as soon as possible to visit the dental clinic.

Now you know how to whiten teeth at home without damaging the enamel!