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Useful fruit mask for the face

Useful fruit mask for the face

Not only do you like juicy, useful berries and fruits. They are very popular and your skin.

Extracts of the berries and fruits cosmetics manufacturersvery often added to the funds for the lips: lipsticks, balms, glosses. And it is not in a pleasant, delicate flavor and the fact that these extracts have moisturizing, antiseptic and exfoliating properties. Your eternal problem - dry, chapped lips? Do a mask of honey, olive oil and a few drops of raspberry or sea buckthorn juice. As a preventive measure, so that the lips do not weather-beaten, well applied to them every day what some juice of berries with olive oil (in a teaspoon of olive oil a pair of juice droplets). Or just buy a lip balm with berry extract.

Sea-buckthorn, peach, apple, raspberry, strawberry,apricot. ... Make masochku face? Juice and pulp must be mixed with the base: yogurt - for oily skin, sour cream or cream - for dry. Sandthorn mask, for example, has an excellent anti-aging effect, and the mask from the pulp of apricots and sour milk Soothes, oily skin.

Nutritional juicy flesh peach well smoothes and softens dry, withering skin. A crushed bones go to scrub!

grape juice stimulates metabolism in the skin and promotes its hydration. Grapes - a source of antioxidants, "berry youth."

Watermelon - big berry! Its juice is impregnated wipes and make a mask from acne. A poultice of a mixture of pulp of watermelon and cucumber treats sunburn!