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Tips for dry skin care

Dry skin is not a serious cosmeticdisadvantage, rather - is a characteristic of an organism. Dry skin is caused by insufficient secretion of sebum and increased evaporation of moisture from the skin surface. Dry skin - a thin and shiny on the surface of virtually invisible holes and pores. Such skin often becomes red, scaly and covered with spots. Dry skin is sensitive to the wind, the sun, to the temperature difference, does not tolerate alkaline, which enhance its dryness and cause a burning sensation and constriction.

Tips for dry skin care

If dry skin is best to wash once a day -evening. The secreted during the night the fat accumulates on the surface of the skin, and the morning washing washes it, however, and destroying the skin's natural protection.

Wash, dry skin is best with boiled water at room temperature. For a glass of boiled water, you can add one tablespoon of glycerin.

Dry skin does not tolerate soap, so the personbetter wash bran. Especially good almond bran, which are rich in fat and do not irritate the skin. For washing tablespoon almond bran mixed with a small amount of hot water to form a pasty mass. This mass is applied to the face, and left for 510 minutes and then rinsed with cool boiled water. Washing with bran cleans and softens the skin, relieves irritation.

It is also helpful to wash the face of black bread crumb. Bread soaked in water and the resulting pasty mass is spread on the face, leave for 2-3 minutes. Once this face wash water.

If the skin does not tolerate washing, you can try to wipe the face with one of the following solutions:

1. 5 g of honey and 5 g of glycerol, 20 g cologne, 2 g of borax, 70 g of water;
2. 5 g of honey and 5 g of glycerin, 20 g; cologne, 70 g of two-percent solution of boric acid.

To clean the face in the evening, you can userubbing any vegetable or mineral oil. The skin was smeared with a cotton swab moistened with oil, after which the oil is washed with dry gauze or cotton swab. The material is well cleaned, and at the same time it is a thin protective layer of fat. At night helpful to lubricate the face fatty nourishing creams.

Bring great benefit yolk, oilother nourishing mask. For their preparation a teaspoon of any vegetable oil, preferably olive or peach, triturated with one egg yolk. Masks can use two or three times a week. If the skin peels off, then any use of mixtures containing cologne, is excluded. Good help overlay on the face of a mixture of unsalted cottage cheese and sour cream.

Even with very dry skin on the cheeks, nose andchin can meet lots of oily skin. Land with oily skin it is best to handle looks more than the rest of the face. They are well cleaned with a mixture of water and cologne. If the skin on the nose and chin, very fat, then it should be cleaned with alcohol camphor mixed with water or a mixture of ether and alcohol in a ratio of one to two.

If you have dry skin, before going out of its sure to lubricate the cream and talcum powder.

If dry skin is due to lack of moisture,then in the morning it is useful to wash with a mixture of cold water with fresh milk. Instead of washing is available each morning to lubricate the face cream, yogurt, almond oil or moisturizing cream. In the evenings, useful to wipe a skin milk, diluted with water, infused with rose petals, mint, dill, etc.

Good effect is honey and egg yolkmask. To make a honey mask 100 g of honey mixed with the juice of one lemon and two tablespoons of a strong infusion of tea. Honey mask can be applied every day, they are usually applied for 10-15 minutes, then rinsed with cold water. To prepare the egg yolk mask of one egg mixed with a tablespoon of glycerin or honey. This mask can be stored in the bank as needed superimposing it on the face. It is applied for 15-20 minutes and wash off with very cold water. After washing, the skin should be lubricated with fat cream.

Making steam bath for dry skin rarely permitted. This is acceptable only if the skin is very dirty, but at the same time in front of a steam bath is necessary to grease the face with a fat cream.