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Tips for the care of oily and problem skin

Proper skin care - is halfvictory over pimples and acne. Taking care of your skin will stop new lesions, reduce treatment time, reduce the need for drugs and cosmetic procedures.

Tips for the care of oily and problem skin

We can tell you the 7 rules of care for face and body skin with acne:

1. To begin, try not to squeeze pimples. Closed comedones and inflammatory components of acne can not be squeezed out or open. This further injures the skin increases inflammation contributes to infection and can cause scarring. If you can not overcome the desire to "settle accounts" with large or particularly odious rash, consult a specialist.
2. Wash your face twice a day. Do not overdo it with washing, acne is not arise from dirty skin. Too frequent washing can cause inflammation. Instead of the usual soap is better to use a special, as well as the cleaning foam or gel (usually names contain the words cleansing, cleansing, cleanser, or directly point to use for oily / problem skin, tendency to acne). Wash hands simply, lightly, with warm water, apply a towel after washing, not rub their skin. Allow skin to dry for 10-15 minutes before applying any remedies for acne.
3. If you have a "greasy" hair type, wash them every day suitable shampoo. Do not let hair cover the face, forehead, temples. Avoid oily and hair cosmetics containing oil.
4. Use this cosmetics and hygiene products that are suitable for oily skin. They usually contain the words "non-comedogenic» (non-comedogenic), i.e. do not contribute to the formation of comedones, clogged skin pores. The same goes for makeup and protective sunscreen. When using many local agents for acne you need uvlazhanyayuschie means (moisturizer, usually a lotion / milk). They may have solntseschaschitnymi properties (SPF).
5. Protect skin from excessive sun exposure. Do not use tanning beds. The fact that the sun will cure acne itself - a myth, not a reality. Tanning only masks acne. The desire to quickly get a tan often leads to skin photodamage, and it threatens to skin cancer, melanoma. Some remedies acne treatment increases the skin's sensitivity to UV light.
6. Avoid rubbing the skin in places where normally there are spots. This advice applies not only to clothes and jewelry, but also a sport involving the use of protective equipment (helmets, pads, etc.). Open the skin should not come in contact with them.
7. For daily care for problem skin, prone to acne, a lot of things produced. For example, scrubs help exfoliate the top layer of the skin and open the pores (can be used 1-2 times a week, if there is no inflammation). Try also cleansing lotions and towels - 2 times a day. Choose soft, non-irritating agents that are suitable to your skin. Some care products can not be combined with exfoliating preparations for the treatment of acne.

If you already are using some externalagent for the treatment of acne, let it act. Cleansing the skin is carried out not after but before the application of the therapeutic drug. Select for all this good time.

Proper skin care will bring you many benefits. But do not count on the fact that only care will save you from acne "at home."

This is not always and not for everyone.