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Using "Darsonval" Face

Using "Darsonval" FaceDarsonval face: reviews with photos before and after use, consider this material. Of course, the manufacturers claim that it is an innovative means of cosmetology, which is used for facial rejuvenation. But they are something you need to sell your product, but the real testimonials of people who have already tested this tool will help to see the whole picture.

Judging by the fact that the manufacturers say, thisthe device has a complex effect on the skin. It activates blood circulation, eliminates the vascular spasms. Through the first two effects occur Skin toning and dilation of the capillaries. All this, indeed, is very positive impact and is very important for the overall rejuvenation. Therefore, beauticians about the machine respond positively.

Larisa, a beautician in 20 yearsexperience: "It means acting in such a way that the metabolic processes in the skin are accelerated. This is especially important for women over 40 whose skin is starting to get a little food. Through increased metabolism skin gets adequate food, regardless of age, resulting in a rejuvenation of the skin occurs. " read Tips on choosing cosmetologists moisturizer.

But it is worth to note that for DarsonvalFace (reviews with photos before and after) the price is not the cheapest machine, but it is applicable not only to rejuvenate. It will help to cope with the problems of oily skin, get rid of acne and acne help from dermatitis and edema.

Plus, it is also noted not onlymanufacturers agents and beauticians, the use of the heart is well suited for the treatment of not only the skin but also the scalp. With regular use stimulates new hair growth, strengthens the roots and do not have reduced the problem of baldness.

Using "Darsonval" Face

How is the procedure

This professional device is perfectin order to use it yourself at home. When there are any foci of inflammation, it is possible to carry out the impact point. But, in principle, for preventive procedures before bedtime can safely do for the rest of the skin - it all depends on the goals you want to achieve.

Basic rules darsonvalization person at home:

  1. The skin before using the machine must be properly prepared - cleanliness and dryness.

  2. Movements are made smoothly and slowly, it is important not to stretch the skin. Particular attention should be given to the area around the eyes and under the eyes, where the skin is very sensitive to any external influences.

  3. If the machine is used for the purpose of rejuvenation, after the procedure is required to additionally need to apply the cream from wrinkles.

  4. Held treatment courses of ten sessions. But do not relax after that, take a break for a month, you can use the device safely continue.

  5. Optimally beauticians advise courses are held three times a year to achieve the effect and keep the result.

  6. During the first procedures is important to use a small current dosage. Read about how to paint eyebrows henna independently.

Using "Darsonval" Face

Darsonval face: reviews with photos before and after reviews

Alina, 47 years old:

"What I want to say so before working withdevice it is necessary to carefully read the instructions. From it you will learn all the necessary information, and in the end turn out to quickly and effectively get rid of wrinkles. Again, the guide will help to competently select a nozzle depending on the specific issues that need to be addressed "

Margarita, 35 years old:

"After thirty years, I have realized howrapidly aging facial skin. So, this phone bought a few years ago on the advice of a girlfriend. Please use it was terrible, but now, they say, I was involved. I recommend to use the nozzle fungus and begin processing the face from the chin, move to the temples. On the forehead, it is desirable to stay longer, then you can move on to the nose and ears. All movements should be light and go from the bottom up. "

Using "Darsonval" Face

Gerasimovna Oksana, 57 years old:

"I have for some years been using thisapparatus and advise all my friends. Because they see how my skin during this time was the best and a couple of years, I certainly took off. It is important to not only perform the procedure more than three minutes each day, but it is written in the instructions. All her friends say that when using the machine it is important, first of all, trust your instincts. " Make homemade face masks anti-wrinkle based on starch.

Darsonval face: reviews with photos before and after the show that when used properly, the machine at home alone can eliminate deep wrinkles and age to get rid of other skin problems. Even if you do not have wrinkles yet, anyway, it means you can start to use this time as a prevention.