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The whole truth about biorevitalisation or deceive us

The whole truth about biorevitalisation or deceive usEvery woman with age loses its beauty andyouth, and his face appeared noticeable wrinkles first, on which one can hardly get rid of conventional creams. Because of weak resilience and elasticity, the skin formed deep folds, it is because of them a woman begins to age, and the skin becomes flabby and ugly.

Many ladies prefer to use painful Botox treatmentsAs well as plastic surgery, helpquickly pull up the person, but each of these rejuvenation options have major drawbacks, firstly the price and secondly soreness. It is necessary to learn a little more about the well-known procedure, which quickly helps to restore the skin and make it more youthful, this article will be told the whole truth about biorevitalisation, or deceive us beauticians.

Why use this method of skin tightening

In fact, this process makes onlymake the skin more healthy on the appearance, tighten skin, make the face look young and fresh, but the procedure will not be able to remove from the face of the deep wrinkles. Most often cosmetologists use this method in the event that there is a need a little to tighten the skin on the face, as well as slow the aging process, but draw withering even modern drugs can not, although the result will be quite noticeable. It is necessary to learn more about the whole truth about biorevitalisation, or deceive us Estheticians, because even this procedure can not have the effect that waits for the lady.

The whole truth about biorevitalisation or deceive us

At the heart of the drug used hyaluronicacid, is injected under the skin layers through small injections, they help restore the water balance in the skin that helps to restore the cell, as well as the procedure of the skin cells will be updated more quickly, which also helps to quickly get rid of small wrinkles.

Immediately it should say that the procedure canhave two steps, one going in a fairly short period of time, while others will have to wait a while to see a significant benefit from the drug. For example, a woman may notice a significant reduction in wrinkles immediately after the procedure to wear one's years wellBut after three days the effect is completely passed, andall the wrinkles on the face back. Do not worry about it, it is quite normal effect of the drug, because in just a couple of weeks, the effect of improving returns again, there comes a "slow" improvement.

This action is very necessary, because the cellsSkin themselves must learn to produce the main ingredient, which is part of the injection, thanks to such acids, the skin cells begin to slowly recover. It is thanks to the enormous popularity, women try to learn the truth about biorevitalisation, or deceive us Estheticians, because the Internet go very mixed reviews.

The whole truth about biorevitalisation or deceive us
What is different from biorevitalization mesotherapy?

Too many women confused the two procedures, butin fact they are quite different from each other, as for the second type of injection used complexes of vitamins and minerals, all of these substances are difficult to produced by the body, so that all the components are administered by artificial method, the procedure is shown, even young girls, it is quite possible to spend mesotherapy twenty five years, but biorevitalization can be carried out only if the age of the ladies more than thirty-five years. In addition, these injections are administered under the skin no more than once a month, but mezaterapiya used every week, without fear of harm to health.

The main and popular forms biorevitalisation

We can distinguish only two of the method of the procedure,they have become the most popular among many women, it is most commonly used injection procedure, but at least the ladies resort to the laser procedure. If you use the method of administration by injection, the woman sees the result of the procedure almost immediately, but the laser enters the drug slowly, and improved skin type will be noticeable is not as fast as we would like.

The whole truth about biorevitalisation or deceive us

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When using laser beautician puts onskin special gel, it contains a lot of hyaluronic acid, and when exposed to the laser beams, the drug falls under the skin. It is necessary to know the whole truth about biorevitalisation, or deceive us Estheticians, because in fact many women write bad reviews about the procedure after a few days after the injection, the effect will be fully expressed only fourteen days.

In which case you should use this procedure

Biorevitalization used by women inaged about forty years, in some cases, ladies beauticians prescribe the procedure to thirty-five years, when the skin begins to age only. Since injection help improve water balance of each cell, it is necessary to use a procedure in the case where the skin has become dry. It is also recommended to turn to the beautician in the case where the skin began to lose its firmness and elasticity, it leads to deterioration of color face and skin sagging.

The whole truth about biorevitalisation or deceive us
The emergence of the pigments in the skin can be a majorsymptom to use laser treatments or the use of injections, the drug helps with the appearance of moles on the face or various light and dark spots. Only if timely applied, it will be possible to eliminate such a problem with the skin.

Are there any contraindications to the use of this drug?

On the contra, the whole truth aboutbiorevitalisation, or deceive us Estheticians can be found below, as if the procedure does not work, the cause may be different contraindications, which by the way is not enough. For example, if a woman feeding the baby, or she is a child, given her an injection to carry out prohibited.

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It is best not to carry out this procedure isIf she got sick right before the procedure colds, no cosmetic procedure is not carried out even in mild forms of colds and flu. In determining the malignancy in the body, a woman would have to abandon the use of this procedure for skin rejuvenation.