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Ten of the best moisturizers for the face

Ten of the best moisturizers for the faceFacial skin requires constant, dailycare, which does not dispense with proper nutrition and hydration. The facial skin is exposed daily to external factors, which is why it may get worse if you do not give her enough attention.

That is why, modern market of cosmetology offers a lot of different creams, whichpromise to take care of the epidermis, including moisturizers for the face. To the buyer finally got confused, compiled rankings of the 10 best moisturizers for the face, suitable for all ages, as well as after 30 and 35 years old.

Ranking 2016

How to understand, is determined by what criteriatop 10 of the best moisturizers for the face in 2016? First of all, it is, of course, the cream, so to speak the foundation and the cornerstone. It is caused by the action of the cream just those components that are part of it. During 2015, after much research, reviews, expert opinions, and consumers have proved themselves these moisturizers, which entered the top 10 of the best:

Clarins Eclat du Jour

The cream is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin withoutleaving a sticky and unpleasant film. This cream has received the highest scores of experts and ordinary women who have already had to try it for yourself. The disadvantages of this cream can be attributed unless a high price - $ 20. This cream also falls in the top 10 of the best moisturizers face creams after 30 and 35 years. So it truly can be called universal.

Ten of the best moisturizers for the face

"Termolifting» Anew Clinical Avon from

Cream "thermo" from Avon pleases not onlyits availability ($ 10), but that makes up for the lack of collagen and elastin in the skin cells. The composition contains extracts of soy, copper, gold, gold shea butter are responsible for the beautiful and well-groomed face, as well as provide proper hydration.

Ten of the best moisturizers for the face

L'oreal Paris Trio Go "Beauty and Lights"

This cream is a favorite with many women not onlya moisturizing effect, but also for his gentle, myagonkuyu texture and seductive aroma. For this reason, the cream was in the top 10 of the best moisturizers. And what is most surprising, is a tube of cream just $ 5.

Ten of the best moisturizers for the face

Shiseido Skincare Multi-Energizing Cream

Particularly suitable for skin after 30 and 35years, smooths wrinkles and prevents new ones. It provides deep hydration and nutrition, suitable for all skin types, especially for aging, skin devoid of life energy. For all these advantages have to shell out $ 50.

Ten of the best moisturizers for the face

Clinique Youth Surge SPF 15

This moisturizing cream activates sirutiny thatIt promotes intensive development of collagen. Contains sun protection factor, it eliminates the signs of aging. A significant plus - as a part of no saturated lipids. The cost of this pleasure - $ 65.

Ten of the best moisturizers for the face

Vichy Idealia

Cream different light, quickly absorbed textureIt does not leave a sticky film. Suitable for day and for night application. Approximate cost is $ 20.

Ten of the best moisturizers for the face

Ten of the best moisturizers for the face

L'Occitane Immortelle night

It helps skin moisturizing and rest at nighttime of day, provides balanced nutrition and care, improve the structure of the cells. It contains yarrow oil and Immortelle. It will cost about $ 70.

OLAY «Regenerist. MikroSkulptor person "

It helps create the perfect facial structure forthrough amino-peptide complex and marine protein. It fills cells of the epidermis with moisture, reduces the impact of external factors on the skin, gives elasticity and youthfulness. Approximate cost - $ 50.

Ten of the best moisturizers for the face

Oriflame "Swedish SPA salon" double action

In the ranking of the 10 best moisturizers for the faceHe lit up and the product of the Swedish company Oriflame. Cream pleases its availability ($ 6) and gentle care that protects from the effects of external factors. Suitable for use during the day (cooling effect) and at night (a reducing effect).

Ten of the best moisturizers for the face

Garnier Individual humidification

cream name speaks for itself. The cream provides care for different types of skin, adapting for its needs. Hydrates and nourishes the epidermis and is worth about $ 5.

Ten of the best moisturizers for the face

What to look for when choosing age-creams

Despite the fact that many moisturizers for the face of the ranking top 10 are also suitable for the skin after 30 and after 35 years, there are some nuances that are also should pay attention to choosing a kremik:

  • skin condition and its type

For thirty years, you can probably already guessall the whims of their skin, to which she reacts badly, and what is good, what her type. For example, if the skin is very sensitive and constantly "naughty" in response to the various components, it should be given preference in the first place, a cream for sensitive skin.

  • Night care

After 30 skin needs constant care, and day and night. Therefore, you should choose a moisturizing cream universal action, or fork out day and night cream separately.

  • The composition of the cream

Despite the fact that the cream is alwaysthe most important factor for skin after 30 years should check these components in the composition as glycerin, collagen and elastin, vitamins A, C, E, panthenol. These components provide hydration, nutrition, smoothing, anti-ultraviolet radiation.

Always be understood that all of a cream with a mark30+ or ​​25+ is just a marketing ploy. Age creams as such does not exist, there is only those that are more in line with the needs of aging skin.

Of course, always should take into account the ratings of creams,pay attention to the reviews, but forget about their characteristics and the needs of the skin, too, it can not be the foundation of the right decision when choosing cosmetics looking after.