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Skin Care Spring

And you can boast of a good skin, safely survived the winter stress and entered at the time of beriberi? Right now, the skin is dry, pale and exhausted.

Skin Care Spring

What to do? Meet face-to-face with spring problems with a good weapon at hand: creams, masks and peeling. The basic requirements for healthy skin:


Eternal Companions of spring - the skin and contaminatedwide pores. Avoid cleansers with alcohol-based, prefer natural peeling. If you are worried about overly oily skin, try to limit yourself in the consumption of animal fats, coffee and salt. Wipe face with ice cubes from a decoction of celandine and succession.


Skin Care Spring

In the spring the skin is sensitive, it losesnatural moisture and the sun's rays it appeared dried and old. Therefore, the skin must be constantly moisturize. For early spring are more suitable wetting agents on a creamy base.

Nourish and enrich!

Skin Care Spring

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