Facial Treatments

Simple recipes for masks century

The skin is thin and sensitive age, it requires special attention and gentle care. So remember the basic rules.

Simple recipes for masks century

1. Apply to the eyelid skin the same masks that you used to put on the face, it is not recommended.

2. It is not necessary to impose a mask directly on the eyelid skin, it is better to do it through cheesecloth.

3. Masks held from 10 to 20 minutes, then rinsed with warm or cool water.

4. For maximum effect, cosmetologists recommend to wash off the mask broth of vegetable herbs. You can use chamomile broth, parsley, linden blossom. Then just pat the skin tissue.

5. The ingredients for masks should only be fresh, because you are preparing masks from natural products without preservatives. Prepare immediately before applying the mask.

6. Use mask rates two to three times per week.

Regular use of masks activatesblood circulation, improves skin elasticity age, helps to cope with some problems (edema, swelling, redness of the eyelids). So, we give 5 most simple recipes such masks.

• Clean the raw potato, rub it on a grater. Grated potatoes, divide into two parts and wrap in cheesecloth, keep the eyelids for 15-20 minutes. Rinse this mask is desirable to tea or infusion of chamomile.

• Mix together one egg yolk and oneteaspoon of honey, apply the mask on the eyelids and leave for 10 minutes. If you suffer from dry skin around the eyes, we recommend that you use this recipe.

• Grape juice is very useful, it nourishes the skin around the eyes. Just cut a grape in half and spend half slices first in the upper eyelid, and then lower.

• You can mix with milk crumb of white bread, wait 5 minutes and apply on the eyelids and under the eyes. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, then rinse.

• Strawberry mask nourishes centuryand smoothing effect, it refreshes the skin. 2-3 strawberries mash with a fork until the dough, add a teaspoon of honey and mix thoroughly. Put the mass on the gauze on the eyelids and leave for 20 minutes. After the procedure, wipe the eyelids with a cotton swab moistened with milk.