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Reviews of preparations "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" wrinkle

Reviews of preparations "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" wrinkleWith age, women should pay moreattention for its facials. Appear first facial, and then deep and quite noticeable wrinkles. "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" wrinkle: reviews on these drugs, which are sold in pharmacies at affordable prices, rather contradictory. Let's see if they help wrinkles and why.

One thing is clear: before they go to a plastic surgeon under the knife, it is necessary to use all other available methods of skin care, which contributes to its rejuvenation. Many tools are quite expensive, but the drugs' Dimexidum "and" Solkoseril "wrinkle like to help, but have a low cost. The second fact and confuses many ladies who did not dare to even start to use them.

Advantages of products

First of all, we should talk about just what drugs are widely described used in cosmetology. They are sold in any drugstore at a cost much lower than the average for this category of products.

But before the application of any of thesedrugs, you need to carefully read the instructions. Fortunately, it is in each set. We only give general information about the main activities of each of the drugs.


"Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" of wrinkles, the price will beand approximately the same low. Regarding the form of the issue and the overall impact, the differences may be here. The drug "Solkoseril" comes in the form of a gel or ointment. The gel has no color is dense homogeneous mass consistence. The ointment is greasy and has a white-yellowish color, consistency resemble pasta. Basis of preparation - hood calf blood, which further biologically and chemically standardized.

Reviews of preparations "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" wrinkle

The main recommendations for the use of:

  • Tissue repair after burns first and second degree. In addition to thermal and solar burns, means for restoring the skin from frostbite;
  • Atherosclerosis of the arteries;
  • For the healing of wounds, which for a long time can not be delayed;
  • For the treatment of pressure ulcers;
  • With trophic ulcers;

There are no contraindications, no drug is suitable forchildren, as well as for those who may be an individual intolerance of components. As you can see, the manual does not say anything about the means of application of wrinkles, but it can be done and it is written in this article below.

The use of "" Solkoseril "in cosmetology

When the gel just appeared, it was usedfor any other purpose. But it turned out that when applied to the face mask can achieve the rejuvenation effect. And strong enough rejuvenation: these results are obtained by the procedure Botox.

Can achieve this effect bythe chemical composition of the drug. With regular use, facial skin will recover quickly, saturated with oxygen. Cells begin to actively absorb nutrients and, thereby, produce collagen. Intensively to form new blood vessels, bringing the total blood supply to the facial skin is greatly increased.

Important! But in many sources, judging by the reviews, "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" wrinkles need to be used simultaneously. Then not only the wrinkles disappear, but the skin becomes supple and elastic. Improves facial contours.


In medical practice, the drug is used for the provision of anti-inflammatory action. But wrinkles the drug is also used. Many brands on the basis of this drug is made the means to fight for the youth and beauty of the skin. Separately, the antiseptic, healing and antimicrobial action means.

Reviews of preparations "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" wrinkle

"Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" of wrinkles, mask shouldapplied to the skin regularly. Then you will notice increase in cosmetic effect. Active ingredients of these drugs are absorbed by the skin and do not remain on the surface. As a result, there is a deep tissue nutrition and, of course, their rehabilitation.

Rejuvenation without injections and surgeons

Reviews on the application of "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" fromWrinkle say that before applying to the skin means you must be sure to check for allergic reactions. For this "Dimexidum" in the ratio of ten to one it is diluted in water. Apply a small amount of liquid in the place of the bending arm. On the other hand apply a little gel or ointment "Solkoseril". Wait half an hour, if redness, itching, burning there.

On the correct application for the purpose of rejuvenation

The skin should be specially cleaned from cosmetics. "Dimexidum" is diluted with hot water in a ratio of ten to one. The resulting solution, which can be safely applied to the skin. After applying the solution to lubricate the skin gel or ointment "Solkoseril". The second method should be applied fairly thick layer.

Tip! It is best to use a gel rather than an ointment. The fact that the gel strongly tightens the skin, thereby can achieve excellent effect after multiple applications.

Reviews of preparations "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" wrinkle

You may need to wet your face with warm water. Mask must always be slightly moist and does not solidify. Time of tiles equals one hour procedure. Then rinse agent, apply to face your usual cream. It is best to carry out the procedure in the morning and evening. Judging by the reviews, see the action "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" wrinkles can already after two weeks.

More information about reviews

To see the results and feel it,the procedure should be carried out regularly twice a day. Be sure to follow all the recommendations given above. But the mask should not be applied more frequently than twice a month. A full course of treatments is 10 pieces, the interval of - three days.

As for preventive purposes,enough to do such a mask once a month. Reviews of many girls enthusiastic about this tool. The skin is tightened and wrinkles disappear, and all this can be obtained at a cost much lower than the average cost of cosmetic procedures in the cabin.

Can be used alone?

These drugs can be used alone, however, not for the purpose of rejuvenation. For example, "Dimexidum" is used in the treatment of acneTo remove skin inflammations. Skin preparation is always applied in a state diluted with water.

With regard to the drug "Solkoseril", it helps to make the skin in the calloused parts of the body soft and silky. This applies to the heels and elbows, knees region, the area around the eyes.

Reviews of preparations "Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" wrinkle

What are the contraindications

In cosmetology, these tools are widely used. And the popularity of them, including, came due to the absence of contraindications. It is necessary to pay attention to allergic reactions.

During the period of pregnancy is also not necessary to use these funds even for cosmetic purposes. The same applies to people with kidney disease or liver disease, the use is not recommended in atherosclerosis.

"Dimexidum" and "Solkoseril" wrinkle, reviewsusing these cheap drugs pharmacy positive. You can find the negative reviews, but most often they are associated with incorrect use. For example, non-compliance with the recommended intervals by applying the mask.