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Remove the extended eyelashes yourself

Remove the extended eyelashes yourselfTo be beautiful, a woman has to go to thea variety of tricks. Most modern festive make-up, but even everyday beauty, involves the use of cilia, which have increased further. Does the master process, but how to remove your own home, such eyelashes without harm for themselves?

In this article we consider all aspects of the process,how to remove the lashes at home without harm. It is important to understand the nature of the process and each stage of the first to understand in theory, and then start to practice. The procedure for many seems simple, but in fact, to make things right is not as easy as it seems at first glance. what use moisturizers for the face.

Safety precautions when taking pictures on their own lashes:

  1. You can not pull out the artificial hair bundles. When the wizard is fastened beams, then smeared with a special cosmetic adhesive on the hairline. When removing the artificial hair can pull a present.

  2. When the removal procedure is completed, the eyelittle will go out. But this is only a visual effect due to the fact that the cilia are now less and it looks unusual. After a few days you will begin to again recognize themselves in a mirror.

  3. Do not attempt to wash your eyelashes soap, other detergent - this will drain the delicate skin around the eye and can lead to the emergence of conjunctivitis.

  4. If the eyes are inflamed, it is necessary to postpone the procedure to another, less stressful times for the body.

  5. Also not recommended to remove the lashes for a few days before menstruation, because at this time the pain threshold in women increased.

How to remove the lashes at home without harm to their eyelash

The easiest and fastest, safest way - itbuy a special solution to remove. Its easy and fun to use, it dissolves well and professional and even glue resin. Read how yourself paint eyebrows henna at home.

Remove the extended eyelashes yourself

The process is extremely simple - meansput on cotton wool, rub evenly to the lash line and lie down with your eyes closed while that will be specified in the instructions. Then remove the mixture, and with it will be removed and the artificial hairs. To completely remove the artificial eyelashes repeat the procedure again.

Important! This method of removal has only one drawback - the high price of a special tool for removal.

If money is not a special tool, then remove the lashes, you can use any natural vegetable oil, fat cream or special medications.

For example, the efficiency proved castorbutter. This solution not only helps in removing the lashes at home without harm to your eyes, but it is even beneficial. It is necessary to apply castor oil on cotton wool and spread her line of hair growth. Leave for a few hours and take extra lashes easily. They are easier to they withdraw, if castor oil in the eyes leave overnight.

Plus, it will be possible to get rid of artificial eyelashes, due to prolonged exposure to castor oil, natural eyelashes become more spectacular and beautiful, they align.

If carried out with eyelashusing a special glue, then remove the hairs can be fat cream. The procedure is painless, it is important to have on hand a very rich cream thick and viscous consistency. Thick layer of cream on the eyelids, and then go to sleep and in the morning to remove the artificial cilia without much difficulty.

Remove the extended eyelashes yourself

If the first two options will not fit,you can buy a special drug, eg, sulfacetamide. This powerful drug used to treat diseases of the eye, such as conjunctivitis. His aggressive composition will help to get rid of hair quickly and permanently. Will need to apply a first layer of the drug, then a second and third. After half an hour to remove the hairs, if they do not move away, give the facility a little more time.

Important! During the use of such means of removal may feel a slight burning and tingling. But these feelings should not interfere with normal life and cause severe discomfort.

If you can not pull the lashes with your fingers, because it is likely to catch and your eyelashes, it is best to use a pair of tweezers. Only it is important to pre-boil or alcohol wipe.

Alternative removal of artificial eyelashes:

  1. Start sleeping face in the pillow. It is forbidden to do the master, to the eyelashes longer held.

  2. To cut artificial hair to natural length - they will not interfere and will look natural, so it can be freely wait for the moment when the artificial hair fall out themselves.

  3. Wash regularly.

Here there are effective and provenways to remove the lashes at home without harm. We hope that you will choose the option that is best suited to you and quickly deal with all its peculiarities. With starch can be prepared home anti-aging facials.

In the conclusion of this material, we notethat professionals stress that independent conduct of this procedure can be dangerous. Therefore, all the same a few times think about how you can do everything yourself and not be better to go directly to the salon to a specialist. Of course, a lot depends on the number of eyelash extensions and also the quality of professional work. In any case, beauty requires sacrifice, but the approach to it must be literate, verified and individual.