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Removal of facial hair permanently at home (reviews)

Removal of facial hair permanently at home (reviews)Sometimes genetics and hormones teaches womenunpleasant "gift" in the form of excess vegetation. And if the hair on the body of the fair sex do an excellent job, the "bearded" problem drives many women to a screeching halt. So is it possible to efficiently carry out facial hair removal forever home? Feedback from our readers at the end of the article. How to win and how unsightly hairs on the face, we will tell.

Getting rid of hair folk remedies

Make facial hair less noticeableallow clarifying mask. This variant of struggle with body hair is good and the fact that no harm integuments it does not cause. Conversely, after bleaching masks skin becomes soft and smooth, uniform in color. Owners of dry skin suitable composition based on milk, honey, turmeric. Each ingredient must take on a tablespoon. Classic clarifying means - lemon juice (1.5 tablespoons.) And sugar (1 tea spoon.). The composition is applied to the skin where the hair most is maintained for 20-30 minutes, and then rinsed. The procedure is repeated every two days.

Removal of facial hair permanently at home (reviews)

Council. Folk remedies give a good result on light hair subject to regular application. If you have to face the dark, or dense vegetation, it is better to resort to other, more radical methods.

Formulations for removal of facial hair at home

Perhaps the best known pharmacologicalmeans for getting rid of excess hair - "rivanola". It is a solution of ethacridine lactate. The second active drug component - boric acid. "Rivanola" is well known in medicine as an antiseptic, and its ability not only to fight infections, but also to destroy the hair follicles is a side effect. In cosmetology used 0.1% solution of the drug.

Removal of facial hair permanently at home (reviews)

Problematic places on the face treated dailyswab dipped in a solution. Try to rub the medication into the skin so that it will penetrate to the hair follicles. Within a week you will notice the result: the facial hair will be less, and the remaining hairs and brighten istonchatsya. For proof effect of procedure is necessary to spend an additional 7 days.

Shaving and plucking facial hair

Use a razor to fightfacial hair - not the best method. After shaving the hair to grow back in just a day. At the same time they are becoming more stringent and dark. If you still have sensitive skin, you are likely to encounter the problem of irritation.

Removal of facial hair permanently at home (reviews)

Rare dark hair is best to remove with tweezers. Before the procedure, wash your hands with soap and tool treat alcohol. That hair plucking easier pre rasparte face with a compress. While pulling the hair skin, try a little pull. At the end of the procedure, wipe the face lotion alcohol. To reduce the redness, attach to the skin folded several times a cloth soaked in cold water.

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Waxing and shugaring

Queen Cleopatra rid of junkvegetation on the face and body with the help of wax. By Waxing can resort and you at home if you do not have skin inflammation and a tendency to couperose. Treatments with hot wax or resin is not desirable to do to owners of sensitive skin.

Removal of facial hair permanently at home (reviews)

An alternative to waxing is shugaring -strangling hair hot syrup made from sugar (10 table. spoons), water (1 table. spoonful) and lemon juice (15 ml). This recipe came from the East, has the advantage over the procedure with wax. "Sugar" hypoallergenic treatment, less traumatic, does not cause ingrown hairs.

Important! And waxing and shugaring - depilation variety, so get rid of them with the help of hair on the face and the body will not work forever. Re spend beauty session will need every 10-20 days.

Hair Removal cream

Removal of facial hair permanently at home (reviews)

After depilatory creams facial hair disappearweek. With regular use of herbal medicines for a long time does not appear noticeably thinner. The composition of chemical depilatories contain substances that destroy the structure of the hair shaft (potassium thioglycolates, keratin, sodium) and emollients (vitamin E, aloe vera, Boswellia, shea butter, jojoba). Despite the balanced composition of the funds should be used with caution. Contraindications to its use are the dermatological problems, skin lesions, individual intolerance, pregnancy.

Electrical and laser hair removal

Electrolysis - a painful and prolonged,but effective hardware technique, in which the destruction of hair follicles is due to supply electric charge using a special needle. With this procedure, you can get rid of all structure and hair color. The procedure should be carried out 5-10 times at intervals of 3-4 weeks. To reduce discomfort using painkillers gels. In addition, complete with a number of household electrical appliances are massage and cooling nozzle for pain.

Removal of facial hair permanently at home (reviews)

Laser hair removal - a new word in cosmetology,is now available in the home. technology operating principle is that the destructive energy of the laser beam due to the melanin comes to the hair follicle. As a result - facial hair cease to grow. Ins procedures are painless, quick, small trauma, lasting results. However, there is a significant "but" - laser hair removal is not suitable for blondes.

Comments about facial hair removal at home

Svetlana, 20 years old. Now tell you a terrible secret, I got rid of the mustache. Immediately I say, that the brunette, so to disguise the hairs on his upper lip was unreal. I struggled with usischami 7 years and now, finally, got rid rivanol. Smeared area above the lip month. Now there are almost imperceptible fluff. Minus - because the solution the skin turns yellow over time.

Inga, 32 years old. Removes hair on the chin and above the lip electrodepilator. That procedure is more! It hurts for a long time, but nothing - some the result after 4 treatments there. The antennae have disappeared somewhere in the third, but rare black hair on the chin takes nothing.

Elena, 27 years old. A year ago, I bought a laser epilator. Although the case turned out to be long-playing and dreary, but it helped me a lot. Not only got rid of facial hair, but the arms, legs, bikini area tidied. But his sister the same epilator (bought by shares), and the result is almost there. Maybe it depends on the structure of the hair?

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