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Eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow tattooWhat do you know about the tattoo eyebrows? Eyebrows - this is the most important part of our face, which is why in the creation of permanent make-up from other areas precisely this service is very popular and allows every woman to look amazing at any time of the day. Also, you can significantly save their free time on the use and further applying makeup for a couple of years ahead, and you will never face the problem potekshey paint in sweltering time of year, heavy rain, bathing in ponds and others.

Before applying the proceduretattoo, wizard draws a sketch of the future shape of eyebrows. Hydration is the foundation in the creation of permanent make-up and special drawing eyebrows sketch is the main part of the procedure.

Eyebrow Tattoo: carrying out procedures

Master eyebrow separates into several parts:

  • Tail eyebrows is the thinnest part.
  • Taurus eyebrows - the highest and longest part,
  • The head of the eyebrows - is the most thickened part.

During drawing the sketch of the future master of eyebrowsIt takes into account all the individual characteristics of his client, in this case, must take into account the fact that with age, the skin begins to slowly descend, also takes into account all the wishes of the client. Tattoo eyebrows reveal your face. Every woman - is an individual person, so with the help of a sketch drawing of eyebrows, you can carry out the correction of an oval face, make eyes more expressive, visually open up your eyes, the most important thing to her eyebrows were not a separate part of a woman's face, and can fully fit into the whole image. During drawing sketch eyebrows is very important their landing, the approximate location of the eyebrow head to the nose as a result of this opinion will be a very severe and highly raised eyebrows are always expressed very great surprise.

As a rule, there is no completely symmetrical entities, so the main task in the wizard Eyebrow tattoowhile drawing sketch eyebrows calculate allthe right to the basic features of a woman's face to facial features could be equivalent to each other, namely in mobile asymmetry of facial expressions and hidden individual and living beauty.

During drawing sketch eyebrows needbe sure to take into account one basic rule - the tail of your eyebrows should not be located below the head of your eyebrows, it may be slightly above or at the same level of eyebrows.

After the sketch was drawn on, you need topull out all the extra hairs that extend beyond the basic shape of eyebrows using tweezers pre prospirtovannogo eventually bearer of tattooing eyebrows will need to periodically pull out all the excess hair that will go beyond the eyebrows, then eyebrows will have a well-groomed appearance. It is important to periodically pull out all the excess hair only on their growth, so during this procedure does not damage the hair follicles.

After removing all unnecessary hairs and the mainrendering the need to modify a sketch in more detail by removing all unnecessary lines, honing sketch to the ideal state. The client must approve the new form of the eyebrows, and already on the sketch master to make the pigment under the top layer of skin.

Color solution in tattooing eyebrows - this is one ofall major components. It is very important not only to choose the right color on the brow tsvetotipu face client, taking into account factors such as eye color, skin tone, hair roots, and more. In addition you need to predict the color of the eyebrows in the future as eyebrow tattoo done for several years. All pigments - a foreign body, and so they may engage in a variety of reactions that are highly individual to any organism, resulting in full color can be transformed and modified into a negative direction.

Eyebrow tattooGiven that in the eyebrow area master oftenuses the color brown shades, there is one problem that can occur more often, it's pink shades of deep red color. This is due to the fact that these pigments are basically metal oxide. To avoid this problem, do not use all the special pigments exclusively in pure form.

It should be used to prevent such a colormanner that it is not subsequently changed to a negative connotation, it is possible to achieve, if properly mix several different pigments with each other. In any brown there are many shades of red, and shades of mustard, green, marsh shades can repay redness.

Technique of soft feather in the creation oftattooing eyebrows - the name speaks for itself. Due to the softness of a feather can give a more natural appearance of the eyebrows during the tattoo eye procedure. To achieve softness pigments mixed with one another is added to reduce the water concentration, usually a special water for injection. The pigment is applied on the skin very superficially, and in the case of deep skin punctures resulting color reproduction can be completely distorted.

It is important to make a coloring pigment in stages,should be applied one layer to another, usually the head of eyebrows should be slightly lighter body and slightly darker eyebrows, and the tails of eyebrows should come to naught. Saturation of color eyebrows Wizard makes with regard healing as the healing after the eyebrows will be lighter by about 20%. Such an oscillation of colors depends on the depth of the skin puncture. To achieve uniform shading master uses large rounded tufts of needles, through which you can reduce the duration of the procedure and not traumatic, with proper use, the pressure amplitude of the entire working surface.

Given the fact that tattooing eyebrows - itmostly painless procedure, the presence of special pain medication is completely absent, it is a welcome opportunity to work more perfectly to the soft tissues, while not causing severe injuries.

For the first time after the procedure is necessary to put baby cream, all traces of cream, removing the paper towels after washing in the morning and before going to bed also apply the cream on the treated eyebrows.

At first, it is not desirable to visit the sauna,open water or pool, do not rub their eyes with their hands, not to sunbathe in the sun until they are healed. We hope these tips will help to keep long tattooing eyebrows.