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Nutritious mask for the neck

Nutritious mask for the neck Care of the neck includes several aspects,one of which is to provide supplementary feeding the skin of the neck. For these purposes, you can use ready-made nutritional cosmetics, and you can make a mask for the neck at home. What you decide to choose, and if you decide to apply the mask to the neck, I think you will be interested to read some of their recipes.

Nutritious mask for the neck

Potato mask for the neck

To prepare this mask you need 1potato, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (I prefer olive) and 1 egg. From potatoes necessary to make mashed potatoes, add to the beaten egg and vegetable oil, stir until smooth consistency, then apply the mixture with a thin layer on the skin of the neck and the cover cloth (mixture when applied to the skin should be warm!). Withstand the mask for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm running water.

Potato neck wrap for aging skin

Take the boiled potatoes, mash thoroughlyit, mix with olive oil and glycerin (5 ml) and apply to your face, cover with a cloth and muffle (as it compresses) for 15 minutes. After this wrap is recommended to lubricate the skin of the neck fat nutritious cream. This mask for the neck is effective for aging skin, as it significantly improves the power.

Banana mask for neck

Nutritious mask for the neck You will need 1 banana pulp, cottage cheese 30 grams15 ml cream and 1 egg yolk. Banana pulp mixed with the other ingredients until smooth and applied to the skin of the neck for half an hour. This mask can also be used for the face and décolleté.

Orange mask neck

Nutritious mask for the neckOptions orange mask for the neck can be more than one.

To refresh the skin of the neck and at the same time to improveit is recommended that food several times a week to make a mask from the pulp of an orange. If you have oily skin, with orange pulp should add the beaten egg whites (in addition to such a mixture further nourish the skin to help narrow pores).

A mixture of orange pulp with olive oilIt is not only nutritious, but also anti-aging effect, so great for aging skin. But for maximum effect this mask for the neck should be carried out for a long time every 3-4 days.

That such simple mask for the neck will help you keep her beauty at the expense of providing additional power! I wish you always be beautiful!