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Moisturizing the skin

Moisturizing the skin

Cosmetologists have long argued that dry skinto anything good will not, and it also wants to drink as you do. Moisture plays a major role in biological processes and is absolutely necessary for our skin.
Atmospheric pollution, stress and heatingDevices in the winter only to accelerate the evaporation of water from the skin surface. As a result, the face appears fine wrinkles, skin becomes dry and we have a feeling of discomfort and retracted. Try to understand your skin and in time to help her.

Saving at any time of the year will moisturizers. If you have oily skin type, then you only need to moisturize it once a day, and dry the combined needs more frequent application.

For humidification, there are various cosmeticfacilities. And choose them is not so easy as it might seem at first glance. A good remedy for moisture, for example, is considered thermal water, and it operates in several directions. It can slow down the evaporation of moisture, moisturize and restore. And a cloud of tiny droplets of minerals saturates the skin cells and refreshes it.

For your body is best suited and sprayslotions. They contain a lot of moisturizing ingredients, such as green tea extract, mint, aloe, cucumber. Do not neglect and folk remedies, for example, rub a few times a week, slices of cucumber face, neck, shoulders. Brew mint leaves and chamomile boiled water, green tea is also nice. When the infusion has cooled, freeze it in the refrigerator in special containers for ice with a la carte cells. Ice cubes rub body once a day, preferably in the morning.

In addition to traditional creams with moisturizingcomponent of your face will certainly need a new generation of products, such as serum 24-hour action with thermal water in the microcapsules. And it is very important! When buying any moisturizer, do not be lazy to read a summary to you like you tube or bottle. Remember that the skin is not thirsty, drink her moisturizer and you will see how she will thank you with beauty and health.