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Mask from starch instead of wrinkles Botox

Mask from starch instead of wrinkles BotoxThere are lots of variations of careface of natural cosmetics. Argued that wrinkles may be smoothed using a salon procedures that it is in vain, regular combat wrinkles using natural ingredients may very well save you from wasting money and questionable procedures. Using nutrients some products it is safe, effective and relatively cheap and without special effects on our body.

In this article we will focus on masks of the mainingredient is starch salvation of wrinkles and they can replace Botox. Starch is not as advertised ingredient, however, is rapidly gaining popularity among the ladies. Reviews about masks for face from starch Wrinkle instead of Botox for the most part in a positive way.

Do some comparison. Firstly, the mask on the basis of starch cooked at home much cheaper salon treatment, secondly, the security of such masks is no doubt completely harmless starch. Botulinum toxin, in turn, affects the communication between nerves and muscles. Botulinum toxin is administered arbitrarily, between muscles and nerves, it relaxes the muscles responsible for facial expressions.

Mask from starch instead of wrinkles Botox

This restores skin elasticity. The muscles are not atrophied, but are in a state of torpor. Naturally, all of the reactions on the face become less noticeable as facial expressions can not operate at full capacity and, most of all, to make the procedure is clearly visible. Facial expression is an integral part of women's appearance, feminine charm makes Botox injection face almost motionless mask.

If you will be affected during this procedureblood vessels without the consequences in the form of bruises, redness and swelling, pain can not do. The uneven distribution of the drug in the face leads to imbalance and asymmetry, fix that will only be possible in a few months. After the introduction of Botox body can react to this is not the most pleasant way: headache, runny nose, dizziness, etc. I would not want to scare, but the statistics recorded the events and death of the organism produce the neurotoxin... And of course before applying masks We need to review all contraindications.

In general, the comparative analysis has turned out toa landslide in favor of a harmless starch. But the only drawback of the starch masks is that the masks must be used regularly to achieve results, and injection pricked and forgotten for a long amount of time. As a result, apparent laziness against health major problem for many.

Mask from starch instead of wrinkles Botox

How does starch. And why facials from starch in the form of masks made in the home can replace Botox against wrinkles?

In the arsenal of starch only natural ingredientsAll those components that are responsible for youth and beauty: vitamins, at least, if not more important antioxidants, etc. He not only fights against wrinkles, it is in principle useful for the skin. The combined effects for all skin types.

In general, you can find a recipe wrinkles empirical method, mixing useful for your skin type components with the starch. For example, one such variation was found mix cosmetic treatment of clay and starch.

Mask of the starch in the home for all skin types

Starch can not only buy from the store,but also to prepare yourself. For anti-wrinkle masks used by potato starch. How do I get starch in the home. Rub with vegetable desirable, the smaller, the better. Rubbed in advance prepared a gauze cloth. Knotted fabric with mushy substance in a knot, and puts in typing in a glass bowl necessarily cold water and squeeze as you can, then pour the water from the bowl, leaving a residue, which will be a natural starch origin.

Mask from starch instead of wrinkles Botox

The recipe is very popular on the Internet mask

To create a firming mask, you need tobuy potato starch, natural enough fat dairy products and cosmetic oil. Often found in this recipe sour cream, but also you can use milk, and so on. D. All the ingredients are mixed, put on the face. Once you feel it from the bottom a little soaked, and the top has dried, apply the second layer. This continues three times. The latter portion is applied, expect half an hour and you can get rid of the mask according to the rules of regular washings. The most important advantage of this mask of starch that can be used on the wrinkles around the eyes instead of Botox, it will not damage the delicate skin, but only tighten it.

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We proceed to get acquainted with a mask for the face consisting of starch from wrinkles, which may replace Botox injections.

Recipe for owners of delicate skin of the face of the starch, which you can prepare yourself at home

It is preparing it for long and not difficult. To begin to heat milk. All ingredients are taken in equal proportions. Mixed milk, starch and any cosmetic oil until smooth. Impose a mask in all cases only on the pre-cleansed face. Keep on the face for fifteen minutes, rinse with cold water, do not need and is not hot. Apply the cream suitable to your skin type, age and time of day. The course of a month or a month and a half. Use this method to fight wrinkles for a month, or even two and a half about every seven days.

Mask from starch instead of wrinkles Botox

Recipe mask with starch anti-wrinkle facial skin with your hands instead of Botox

Mixed with cosmetic oilprotein and starch until homogenous. Protein is better to shake up and yolk effective help in the fight against skin problems alone. Spread the remaining yolk using cotton pad on your face at night in the morning rinse, problems begin to recede quite markedly from time to time. As oils are selected with the disinfecting effect of oil suitable to you, such as tea tree oil not only has a disinfecting effect, but does not destroy the protective layer of the skin.

can be used for body products, whichcontain starch. You can soak the rice for about an hour time. This elixir to wipe the body. The starch contained in the water will do the trick. It softens the skin, nourishes it. Check the products on the starch content can be at home with the help of iodine.

Mask from starch instead of wrinkles Botox

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If you are still wondering where the catch, thenstarch is not desirable to use with open wounds on the skin of the face or inflammation, the rest depends on the personal relationship of your body to the starch, for example, if you are allergic to it. Here is a video on face masks from starch instead of wrinkles Botox. Confirm or deny all the above written can only be tasted and without gaps and laziness undergo. Starch, like the rest of the ingredients are natural masks, if not better worse they will certainly not do. Before deciding on Botox injections, try to fight with the help of natural elements.