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Masks against black dots: masks recipes

Masks against black dots: masks recipesConsider the mask against the black dots. Depressing fact that in some cases, even the foundation can not get rid of blackheads! Black points on the face - it is not the most pleasant thing you can see standing in front of a mirror. Sometimes it may seem that this unpleasant defect can spoil the whole "picture."

Not to mention the hot summer, when it is best to do it is not necessary to put on your face makeup, then mask the black dots on the face of almost impossible.

What can you do with this deficiency and how iteliminate? Since very frustrating to know that your nose and other parts of your face covered with some small black dots, which are drawn to the attention of everyone around. And why, when they come from? How can I make a mask against the black dots directly at home, you ask? On all these questions, you can find the answers in this article.

Masks against black dots: masks recipesAs it turned out, the black dots are the officialname - "comedones". This clog pores, which after the occurrence of adverse factors gradually accumulate all the dirt and dust particles of dead skin cells and sebum. That sounds quite serious, but in fact, the fact that there's anything wrong - such points are available almost every one of us, but not all are so visible.

For example, a dark-skinned and dark-skinned people, thisdefect on the face is not very noticeable, but the girl with fair skin should always think of something, to invent an effective mask against blackheads, acne on his face, because only in this case, you can completely forget about this problem. It is much easier to prevent the occurrence of the root causes, but in life there are times when it is virtually impossible.

Masks against black dots: cooking

The mask of yeast

Mix fresh yeast with hydrogen peroxide. Apply a cooked product to the T-zone and the rest of the face, on which there are dark spots and leave as such for 10 minutes. At the expiration of the time necessary to wash off the mask from his face, then the face should be wiped with a piece of ice, wipe dry with a towel and lubricate the moisturizer.

Mask of oatmeal and yogurt

One spoonful of oatmeal in the chopcoffee grinder, mix with a pinch of baking soda, two drops of boric acid and add a bit of yogurt, resulting in the finished mask should get, like thick cream. The prepared mask, apply to every part of your face, hold it for a while and rinse with water, apply a moisturizing cream.

Mask of concoctions

This mask against the black dots only needcook those girls who do not have irritation and rashes on the face. Take a fresh-water sponge and mix it with the hydrogen peroxide to the result you got mushy means. Gently apply on your face. At the end of the procedure applied rinse water means. At the end you need to lubricate the face moisturizer.

Masks against black dots: masks recipes

Protein mask with aloe

Take one fresh egg white and add onone spoonful of aloe and fresh lemon juice. Spread this prepared means all areas of the face, where there are comedones, after a few minutes the mask can be washed away. Do not put a mask on his face.

Preparation of single-component masks against points

possible to remove the black points on the face prmenyaetsyaoatmeal, yogurt, aloe leaves, white clay - all of these ingredients should be used separately from each other. Thick yogurt should be kept on your face for a few minutes and rinse well; oatmeal should be applied to wet face and begins to act after the application of the steam bath; clay should be diluted with water to form a thick mixture and apply on face for 10 minutes.

Mask with soap and soda

This recipe is a mask against the black dots can becook for you at any time. Mix baking soda with a small amount of sea salt and start to operate under the scheme: once wet soap face soap, then apply a mixture of cooked, well massage the area where accumulated comedones and leave a means of influence for 10 minutes.

The mask film with gelatin and milk

Soak the gelatin in milk and wait until itgood swell, heat in the fire, that you have turned viscous mass. With the help of a small cotton pad, apply a thick layer on the face. Wait until cooked mask against CERN points is completely dry, then gently remove it from your face. With the mask gone all dark spots.

Masks against black dots: masks recipes

Mask based on sugar and protein

Mix one protein of fresh eggs with sugar spoon,it is completely dissolved. Half of the amount of prepared mixture put on the skin of your face and wait until it dries. Then another layer of smear on your face, with your fingers make a gentle massage of the skin. At this time, because your skin will start to leave all that had accumulated in the pores. Mask rinse with water, wipe the face with a towel and apply any moisturizer.

The use of ascorbic acid against blackheads

If you do not wait too fast results inThen you can try to wipe the skin on the face of the conventional ascorbic acid. A positive effect can be seen after two weeks of daily treatments. Our mask against the black dots can be tested in turn and compare the results. One of your recipes.