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How to quickly get rid of pimples on your face alone?

How to quickly get rid of pimples on your face alone?At any age, there are some problems with the skin,but mostly acne appear in adolescence and puberty. Not everyone can patiently wait for the moment when this new formation will disappear by itself, so try to find an answer to the question of how to get rid of acne on your face at home quickly for 1 day.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways that have very positive results and no trace left on the next day by red, irritated patches.

Sometimes it is necessary to carry out such procedures,because very soon you need to go to a very important event, and the status of the person does not allow it. That's why it helps to understand that, how to get rid of acne at home.

What is acne?

Acne is a kind of disease which occurs as a result of inflammation or disorders of the sebaceous glands. They can be both inflammatory and non-inflammatory.

It does not inflammatory acne or you may callacne, because it is only the secretion of excess subcutaneous, which climbed out, and it happened as a result of a violation of the sebaceous glands. After that it starts to produce much more secret than it should be, because he has nowhere to go, with the result that it is necessary to break out, but in the process of oxidation becomes black. Such acne is not recommended to press hands, because with this action you can carry infection and then blackheads become inflamed, which will be difficult to get rid of, even more so for 1 day and at home.

How to quickly get rid of pimples on your face alone?

Inflammatory acne are blackheads, inwho in some way were microbes, resulting in and formed an abscess with pus under the skin. Such acne is not recommended to remove yourself, it is best to wait for some time and it will disappear by itself, but if it hurts inflammation and brings a lot of discomfort, then it is necessary to see a specialist for help. But there are ways to get rid of acne on your face at home quickly for one day, let's talk about it, and in more detail.

How to quickly and easily get rid of the inflammation on the face?

In order to quickly you could get rid of acne, it is necessary to do all the steps carefully and accurately. The most effective way home considered to extrusion, but with the proviso thatthe inflammatory process is over, the pimple itself has matured. This rule must be observed in order to fully squeeze all the pus has not yet begun the process of infection. To determine the degree of maturity of the pimple is easy enough - you need a bit of pressure on him, if there is any pain, then you need to wait for some time, and when not, then you can safely start the procedure.

This will require to prepare the following materials:

  • fleece;
  • alcohol;
  • mirror;
  • good lighting.

How to quickly get rid of pimples on your face alone?

First of all you need a good place to treat acneand hands, not to enter into the wound infection, which would be the development of inflammation. Next you need to press down gently at the very spot of its foundation, at the same time it is not necessary to capture too much skin, otherwise you can severely injure him. The degree of pressing need to regulate on their own, but we need to do this so that the pus came out completely and did not have anything inside the pores.

After that, it is necessary to clean the placeextrude again with alcohol and do not touch the pimple for one hour. After it expires you should use remedy for acne on the face at home quickly for 1 day. which spread a spot to get away as the inflammationASAP. It is also good enough to cope with this mission Levomekol that has wound-healing properties, is sufficiently effective and brings good results face care. And in order to bring the body of all harmful toxins that can cause inflammation of the new stands take Enterosgel, it is remarkable to cope with such a task.

For females this day should refrainthe use of cosmetics, to allow the skin to regain its beautiful appearance, except that only leads to clogging of new pores, and it can not have a positive impact on skin condition.

How to quickly get rid of pimples on your face alone?

Once you have done allthe above procedure for the night is to make a compress, which will help to quickly remove the redness of the skin around the pimple. It may be from any herb decoction which have antibacterial properties, for example, can take chamomile and celandine. Prepare the broth is easy, you only need to take in equal proportions grass and fill with boiling water, to insist a little and strain. Once the broth is ready, it must be applied in place of the former acne for a while, about 10-15 minutes. After the expiration of the time you need to smear the affected area with ointment called Baziron. And of the remaining broth is prepared ice cubes that can be used in the morning to fix the result.

Morning procedure is carried out in such a way,as usual you do, just do not forget to use the finished ice cube of broth - this action will remove the effects of inflammation and redness go away completely. If you already have all the procedures are over, you can try to disguise the place where previously inflammation using konsillera and powder.

How to quickly get rid of pimples on your face alone?Also, there are several ways to get rid of acne on your face at home quickly for 1 day (photo):

- For these purposes may be used zincointment, which should be applied to the inflamed site and the skin around it at least eight times a day. Drops must be the same size and the need to distribute funds evenly;

- Also to get rid of the inflammation can beprepare a decoction, which is based on rosemary. Prepare the broth is necessary not only from the flowers of plants, but also directly from the grass, the proportions should be the same, but to wipe during the day should take just a tablespoon and pour the seven boiling water - half a cup. Post time broth, so he insisted, only then it can be used to wipe the inflamed area of ​​the skin throughout the day, at intervals;

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- Rapid tool that has excellent reviewsthose who have experienced it for yourself to deal with acne is aloe juice. To do this, take a small leaf aloe, to make it small incisions that went juice and apply to the sore spot incision site. To fix the leaf is to use the patch. The duration of this primochi only 20 minutes, but it should be repeated after one hour. The effect of the application will be noticeable within a few hours and a day later the inflammation completely disappear from your face;

- tea tree oil It can also be used in the fight against acne inas soon as possible. To do this, gently apply it on the affected area of ​​the skin, so as not to cause a burn healthy skin. Apply in need throughout the day in small point movements. The effect is noticeable after one day, if the inflammation is small, then it will be enough, but otherwise, the time to get rid of this trouble may take much longer - three days;

- At some point it can become a good helper with the problem of how to get rid of acne on your face at home quickly for 1 day (the video is in the network). can be calendula tincture. This is quite an effective tool, but when used in large quantities is capable to dry up the skin. It has low cost and gives quite good results - should be applied point movements throughout the day, but not less than 6 times;

- Also a good tool, which givesthe ability to reduce the size of the pimple is iodine - it has a drying and antiseptic effect, which actually affects the size of the reduction of inflammation. To smear the problem area to a few times per day, after you notice that the iodine has already absorbed into the skin. The next morning the pimple marks virtually disappear except that it will be easy to disguise using cosmetics.

How to quickly get rid of pimples on your face alone?All these methods are good in the case of the inflammatory process, and when you need to quickly rid your face of such troubles, like a pimple that is able to spoil your appearance.

But very often, you can face the problem of how to get rid of acne on your face at home quickly for 1 day for children. because children's skin is more sensitive than an adult or a teenager.

So here it is necessary to apply specialtools that help accelerate the maturation of inflammation and its further breakthrough. In this case, there is a guarantee that the child will be left on the skin is absolutely no trace of such a problem. Do not squeeze pimples such children on their own, it is better to visit a qualified professional in the beauty centers, who can advise you what you can do in this situation and take the necessary measures.

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What to do to avoid the appearance of acne?

We've already figured out how you can quickly get rid of the inflammation on the face, but do not forget why it appeared. This is due to various factors:

  • Improper diet, namely the use of harmful food, which adversely affects the body and can cause intoxication and various inflammatory processes not only on the face;
  • unhealthy lifestyle - too little movement, a constant sedentary work;
  • bad habits and excessive usealcohol - it not only affects the body as a whole, but also at certain organs such as the liver, and therefore gives a signal to the body in the form of a pimple on the chin;
  • wrong person or hygiene useaggressive agents that cause increased formation of subcutaneous secretion - that it and cause the formation of acne in problem areas - the nose, cheeks, chin, below the eyes;
  • Women should only choose qualitymake-up, which will provide not only a beautiful picture, but do not harm the skin of the face, because most funds only clog the pores, which is also a cause of education as acne and more serious and unpleasant consequences - the inflammatory process.

How to quickly get rid of pimples on your face alone?

That is why, in order to avoid such problems anddo not look for the answer in the exciting and vibrant the question of what to do with acne that he disappeared one day is to eat right, to conduct a thorough personal hygiene of the face and the right to choose cosmetic products, and in particular facials. But do not be upset, because if you want you can find a great method to help to make your face beautiful and without acne that does not give any charm.

Do not forget that in complex situations,When a pimple long runs and very sore still need to see a doctor, so that he could assign the appropriate treatment, among which will be a variety of drugs. But now you know exactly how to get rid of acne on your face at home quickly for 1 day?