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How to pluck eyebrows at home

How to pluck eyebrows at homeWe proceed to the issue of how to pluck eyebrows at homeconditions. Every morning you carefully pick up and try to make yourself right emphases, but still you always think that you do not attractive and not too expressive appearance? Maybe the whole thing is that the shape of your eyebrows is very far from ideal? You should be aware that the shape of the eyebrows depends very much!

You just tell them that plucked eyebrows correctlycan only real master in the beauty salon? But this is not the case, you can pull out his eyebrows and at home! If you have read our today's article, you can perfectly cope with the eyebrows, standing in front of a mirror, then your eyebrows will be the most ideal.

How to pluck eyebrows at home right

How to pluck eyebrows at homeYou must accept the fact that those eyebrows,who do not have a clear line, look at the face of a woman is not very attractive and can completely spoil the first view of people, even from the most perfect person. And quite the contrary, properly defined eyebrows can easily transform any modest and featureless appearance. It's no wonder many makeup artists believe that the eyebrows are able to build the right architecture faces! And indeed these two inconspicuous lines are the most important on the face of each person. So we decided to figure out how to pluck eyebrows at home.

In addition to this properly defined eyebrows willdo women face more expressive, and are the most worthy of "frame" the eye. If you tell them about all of the above and you will know. But plucking eyebrows can cause you a lot of your questions or you may find that this process is very long and painful.

For the first time, you can ask for help toprofessionals in the beauty salon. Wizard can create the desired shape, which you will only need to maintain. Of course, regular visits to the master in a beauty salon is not very economical and quite time consuming. So you have to understand how to pluck eyebrows in your own home.

What is useful for plucking eyebrows?

Before starting the procedure, you need to be sure to be prepared:

- Mirror, and it is desirable that it was great, you do not keep it in your hands.

- How to pluck eyebrows at home with the help of tweezers. It is necessary to choose a quality tweezers that can well capture every hair.

- Special disinfectant solution, whereby the tweezers be treated.

- It is desirable to pluck their eyebrows with goodbright room. Best of all, if it happens in daylight - so you can see every extra hair. Also, do not forget before the start of the procedure thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water.

You ask whether your eyebrows lubricate analgesic cream special need? it How to pluck eyebrows at homeYou do not need to, because you can not firmly grab the hairs with tweezers. Furthermore, the effect of anesthetic cream is not always acting positively on the skin.

Selection of a suitable shape eyebrows at home

Have you thought about how you need to pick up a formhis eyebrows. "Right" eyebrows can properly correct facial imperfections, in addition, the fashion for the eyebrows has not been canceled. For example, the most popular are eyebrow-strings curved or thick eyebrows.

Choose a classic brow shape thatThey are almost always relevant. These eyebrows are all women, in addition they will be able to emphasize the dignity of female appearance. Before you pull out his eyebrows at home think carefully about their shape.

To determine the classical form of the eyebrows is very easy if you use three lines on your face:

- The very first line of the face connects the wing of the nose, inner corner of the eye and the inner corner of the eyebrows;

- The next line connects the wing of the nose, the outer corner of the eye and the outer corner of the eyebrows;

- Last line passes through the edge of the iris eyes and nose wing. It is at the point where one of the lines intersect one eyebrow, it must be placed a bend.

Try to determine the trajectory of these three lines with the help of the usual eyebrow pencil. With it, you can draw the "key" points on your eyebrows.

Carrying out procedures of eyebrow plucking at home

It is best to start by plucking eyebrowsyour nose toward the first two lines. Then with tweezers you need to proceed to attach a beautiful arc your eyebrows. When you pull out a couple of extra hairs on one eyebrow, then you can take and the other, so you can make symmetrical eyebrows.

Do not look at himself in the mirrortoo close. In some cases, very useful little away from the mirror and at a distance to look at yourself, so you can see some flaws.

Important recommendation on the issue of how to pluck eyebrowsat home this: do not tweeze your eyebrows on the eve of a very important celebration or other event: it will be very difficult to hide the redness of the skin by means of tonal layer. At the end of the procedure apply to your eyebrows some soothing cream.