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What keeps biotatuazh henna

What keeps biotatuazh hennaThat is biotatuazh heard today many- A coloring eyebrows with natural dye, henna. The peculiarity of the procedure that keeps staining only 4-5 weeks, and spend it, at a certain skill, you can own at home.

Biotatuazh eyebrows henna: reviews as holds and other important points about this inking consider this material. Eyebrows thread is no longer in vogue, this part of the face is again bright and noticeable, especially appreciated the effect of naturalness. With a standard tattoo this effect is rather difficult to achieve, but biotatuazh there will be a great help.

Henna Eyebrows

Biotatuazh eyebrows henna as holds, according to thereviews, is determined individually. But, most of the girls talking about 4-5 weeks, although if the henna was applied independently and held by a thread not long, the effect can be maintained and only 2-3 weeks. There are already have to choose what's right for you - frequent changes or permanence.

Biotatuazh is very simple - you need to pertainthe appropriate shade of henna, and then diluted with water to put powder on the area of ​​the eyebrows. With the help of this coloring emphasizes the natural shape of the eyebrows and adjusted the color.

At what stages is carried biotatuazh:

  1. Preparation for the procedure lies in the fact thatyou need to clean the skin, on which the paint is applied. For this purpose the alcohol or other cosmetics for degreasing the surface. after treatment with skin must be completely dry.
  2. Dye Henna eyebrows can be in different colors, then the whole spectrum of copper red to deep brown. It is important to understand what shade is required for you and pick it up correctly.
  3. Before you apply henna on her eyebrows, you need to decide on their final form. It is recommended to first draw the shape, and then apply paint on it.
  4. As for the dyeing process, thenall the easier-than ever. The proportions indicated on the package henna diluted with water, and then using a special brush to put on eyebrows leased lines in advance.
  5. That the skin and hairs eyebrow color, you need to wait for about an hour. If you want to make the edge of a lighter shade, then it will be enough for 40 minutes.
  6. Remove the remnants of henna can be ordinary tap water.

What keeps biotatuazh henna

Biotatuazh eyebrows henna: reviews as holds depends on how long to keep the paint on eyebrows. But that time is still in the range of 40 minutes (for light colors) - 60 minutes for dark shades. Recipe excellent homemade face masks starch.

Many experts point out that the mainplus biotatuazha eyebrows that henna is a natural product. So, its use, unlike chemical dyes without causing harm hairs. Moreover, Henna strengthens the hair follicle. However, remember that there may be individual intolerance to the drug. To check yourself for such a reaction, a small amount of the solution to the color applied to the wrist and wait 30 minutes to see how the skin reacts.

Biotatuazh eyebrows advantages:

  1. Remove the henna, if the result does not like it, you can quickly and easily. The unfortunate result is just for a few weeks, he will wash off.
  2. The use of henna as a natural ingredient is perfectly safe for the health of hair and skin.
  3. Painted in this way the hinge looks attractive, natural and naturally.
  4. You do not need special care for the eyebrows - after painting a few weeks you can forget about this step facials.

What keeps biotatuazh henna

As for the shortcomings biotatuzha eyebrows, then,judging by the reviews, just as he holds does not please some ladies. In particular, the effect does not hold for a few years, after a traditional tattoo, and only the maximum of five weeks.

Biotatuazh eyebrows henna: reviews

Alina, 21 of the year:

"I recently painted a dark color, and my eyebrowsIt became noticeable play in the background of dark hair. Parents are not allowed to do permanent makeup, so I decided myself to paint henna eyebrows to do it every day with a pencil. The result is like, I did the first time and she turned out fine. Brovki look natural and beautiful. "

Lydia, 30 years old:

"Biotatuazh I began to do after the permanentmakeup. Frankly, the main drawback of the classic tattoo - it is his longevity. Within a few years the fashion for eyebrow changes, believe me. Henna Painting allows you to enjoy the result only for a month, and then, if necessary, to change his style completely. "

What keeps biotatuazh henna

Inna, 41 years old:

"Eyebrows at me with the youth leave muchdesired. In the past, when it was fashionable thin edge, I just had them pull out and there were no problems. But today, to be a stylish woman, eyebrows should be lush and natural. At first I wanted to make a permanent makeup eyebrow, but somehow 2-3 years with one form of eyebrows a lot to me. I decided to just paint henna eyebrows and remained absolutely satisfied. "

As you can see from the reviews, for many womenbiotatuazha brevity is rather a plus than a minus. And the truth is, you can change the shape and style eyebrows, even the color monthly. At the same time, every day for a month, it is not necessary to tint eyebrows shadows and pencils to worry, that the paint will come down due to bad weather.

Biotatuazh eyebrows henna: Reviews and how much is held, as well as the benefitsand disadvantages of the procedure reviewed in detail in this material. Now you can safely proceed to ensure that their own, inexpensive and useful to create beauty on his face.