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How to get rid of bruises under his eyes?

How to get rid of bruises under his eyes?How to get rid of bruises under his eyes - this is the mosta common problem that is relevant to almost every woman. Age-related changes, severe fatigue, some whims of nature can be a major cause of the bruises under his eyes, which are quite difficult to disguise, but it is much easier to eliminate in advance.

For such purposes, there are many different means,which often advertise cosmetology known companies, as well as effective national recipes, but before you use the first-encountered, you should try to understand the underlying causes of this phenomenon.

The main reasons for the appearance of bruises under his eyes

After the appearance of bruises, the first step is tothink about their health. The main reason for their occurrence may be some problems with internal organs (for example, it may be kidney disease, respiratory and cardiovascular systems) and only qualified technicians can them completely. In the case of problems with internal organs are completely excluded, you might think that the main distinctive for the appearance of bruising can be:

- Congenital characteristics of the organism;

- Frequent stress;

- Vitamin deficiency;

- Chronic fatigue;

- Insomnia and sleep deprivation;

- Intolerance to cold;

- The abuse of alcohol;

Considering all these factors to eliminatethe emergence of the problem with the approach of winter, you can take it a rule to drink regular vitamins that can help you minimize the effect on the skin of large cold strong wind absence of sunlight. Also pay attention to how you sleep at night, pay special attention not only on its duration, but also its quality.

Also, the cause of this problem mayIt is directly related to your diet, and more specifically, from the consumption of large amounts of fluid. And so you can minimize the risk of their occurrence, it is not necessary to drink plenty of fluids before going to bed, but you need to reduce the consumption of not only water, but also tea and coffee. If the bruise is still there under your eyes, then in this case, you need to use tools that will help you eliminate them.

The use of folk remedies against a black eye

All funds that help against the appearance of dark circles is divided into several How to get rid of bruises under his eyes?categories.

Cosmetic tools, as well as "people" - that is, those which were used even by our grandmothers. By popular tools include:

Packs of tea leaves and tea icegreat relieve swelling and completely eliminate the darkening under the eyes, but try not to overdo it much because frequent compresses can stain the skin under your eyes in a yellow shade and as a result get the effect is worse than bruises under your eyes.

Raw potatoes. Compress on the eyelids of the pieces of cooked or fully of raw potato is desirable to use at bedtime.

Dairy packs against bruises under his eyes. To do this, compress, take a small swab and soak it in the milk and gently put on closed eyelids for a few minutes.

You can also prepare a mushy mixture offresh milk and chopped parsley in a meat grinder. According to one spoon mixture wrap in cheesecloth and apply to the quarter of an hour my eyes. At the end you need to wash your face with water.

Place the cooked pumpkin pieces in a gauze otrezand place on closed eyes, hold in this form for fifteen minutes. Then the person is necessary to wash the face pre-prepared green tea. This will help to get rid of bruises under his eyes!

How to get rid of bruises under his eyes?A few spoonfuls of calendula need to make inhalf cup of hot water, let cool completely and do compresses just before bedtime. To do this, fold the gauze in several layers, dipped in tincture of calendula and gently apply on the eyelids.

Bruises perfectly removed by applying small pieces of cucumber. But it is necessary to use only the cucumbers, which were grown in the open ground.

One spoon of cornflowers need to pour boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes. Then you need to prepare a broth to soak terry cloth and cover for 30 minutes it his eyelids.

It is also an excellent remedy for bruises - itabsorbent products, which of course should be taken orally, especially important to apply them after noisy parties: these drugs are an excellent job with facial swelling.

There is another effective remedybruising - a silver spoon. Apply it to your skin, it is desirable in the morning - money well removes darkening of the skin, but be careful not to press down heavily spoon to your skin.

Get rid of the black eye cosmetics easy, but this is a temporary effect. For long-term effect it is necessary to deal with your health!