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How to get rid of at home acne in one day

How to get rid of at home acne in one dayIt often happens that a pimple on the face pops up in thethe most inopportune moment. In such a situation to lose heart and give up impossible. Especially because we know effective ways to get rid of acne on the face at home quickly for 1 day. Little effort - and you'll again look gorgeous and flawless.

Acne arise from inflammation of the sebaceous duct. The causes of this inflammation may be different, but one day the rashjust do not go: they need to mature, and only then burst and disappear from the skin. Even a single acne to go, you need a certain time. If you need a day to get rid of acne, many squeezed it. Is it correct?

Squeeze acne can not be

A method of squeezing a pimple, of course, get rid ofeducation, but the appearance of the problem will not solve. Instead of cleaning the skin people get redness, and under unfortunate circumstances, and even inflammation. Even harder, when the infection gets into the wound, spread in the skin of the whole face. In general, a mechanical self-removal - this is not a method to get rid of acne on the face at home quickly for 1 day.

What can help: First aid

In the morning before an important event, after whichand you want to get rid of acne, you need to wash with soap and water or baby, having an antibacterial effect. Then proceed with the normal cleansing of the face. Next, the skin should be affected by steam: it is a steam bath with decoction of chamomile and calendula.

How to get rid of at home acne in one day

Important! Too close to tilt the face over the steam-smoking, otherwise you can get burns and redness of the skin.

Tray should expand the pores, and then you canto move to a deeper cleansing of the face. Use cleaning can scrubs. If, after a scrub, you can see that the spot has definitely matured, then gently press it with clean hands (if ripe pimple, then the extrusion will not feel any pain). In that situation it is not necessary to squeeze out a rash. Pimples or sores remaining after extrusion, wet alcohol to lubricate the skin moisturizer. If all stages of emergency are correct, then by the evening of that day, the situation should improve.

Important! Here and there on the skin, even after all of these procedures can stay redness. Eliminate them to help ordinary ice cube, which the skin should be wiped.

other methods

If there is a little more than one day for the process as get rid of acne on the face at home quickly, you can try other methods. The upper layer of the skin before applying any means previously described will need to be cleaned and steam.

How to get rid of at home acne in one day

What tools can help:

  • 1% salicylic acid;
  • Natural honey;
  • Tea tree oil;
  • fresh lemon juice;

In a drugstore to wipe the face with acne can bebuy any antibacterial agent. If regularly cleaned them face, the acne can be to get rid of in a few days. infection will be killed in the acne and the affected area of ​​the skin will start to dry up quickly, and then the acne will disappear and the skin is regenerated.

To remove already dried up acne faster, it is possibleuse masks and other means, the skin tightening. For example, to continue to smear the face of salicylic acid or lemon juice, you can use hydrogen peroxide.

What will help to remove dried-step acne:

  • Toothpaste. Pretty effective home method. You will need to roll a ball of paste on the pimple and secure. The paste will dry a pimple in the morning it will be virtually unnoticeable. It is important that the paste sulfate was not contained, which can cause burning of the skin.
  • Garlic. It will be necessary to cut the head of the purified garlic plate and attach the plate to a problematic place for the night.
  • The crushed aspirin. The tablets of aspirin crush and cook gruel of them by mixing with water. Lubricate the problem areas with acne overnight.

Anti-inflammatory mask

Also effectively help fight acnea variety of homemade masks. It is best to cook them at home. We offer cosmetic clay mixed with water until smooth, add a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. Apply on face for fifteen minutes, then rinse under running water.

There are different ways to get rid of acne onface at home quickly for 1 day. Of course, to completely eliminate the problem, often it takes several days. But, if you correctly follow your skin, do not allow inflammation, it constantly clean, then the problem of acne must not disturb the piece.