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How to paint the eyebrows henna (+ photos "before" and "after")

How to paint the eyebrows henna (+ photos "before" and "after")Every woman wants to beauty (inespecially facial beauty) persisted for a long time. In the last year back into vogue curvy eyebrows and bright, but not all nature has endowed with such beauty. So many ladies think, to paint eyebrows henna.

Eyebrow henna painting: photos before and after, as well as how to carry out this process, consider this material. On the one hand, henna - it is a natural substance, and on the other hand, it allows after painting for a while forget about the care and just enjoy the beauty.

What you need to know about henna

Thus, henna is a natural powder,Lawson made of leaves of the plant. This plant has in many nations in ancient times was used for cosmetic purposes. Today, with the help of henna carried out not only natural coloring eyebrows, but also the hair and eyelashes, you can use the powder to make drawings on the skin. It is clear that, depending on the application, you should choose the right kind of henna.

You have to understand that due to its naturalHenna is not only the composition of paint eyebrows, they also take care of them, restoring the hair structure from within, accelerating the growth of hair in the eyebrows. We remind you that today lush brows back into fashion and many ladies think about how to grow them and boast beautiful, deep color and natural naturalness. Cooking home alone moisturizing cream.

In our article you will find photos "before" and "after"henna painting eyebrows, as well as reviews on the subject. But whatever the henna was not natural, coloring eyebrows - is the process of intervention and also a plus, it can have significant drawbacks.

How to paint the eyebrows henna (+ photos "before" and "after")

Positive aspects of henna dyeing eyebrows:

  1. The skin in this painting is notdamaged. Henna penetrate deep under the skin, but the color will remain stable for a month (depending on the individual characteristics of the skin, henna painting is held from 2 to 4 weeks).

  2. As noted in the material, henna isnatural dye without harmful and dangerous chemical additives. For coloring powder simply diluted with clean water. After applying the hair will be thick, to be obedient, thus there will be stained.

  3. Depending on the selected varieties can be hennato achieve any color completely. It does not look like a coloring pigment looks on the body, because the eyebrows it will look completely different.

  4. It is clear that over time the color will be washed away. So, if after eyebrow procedures seem too dark, do not worry, they will soon become lighter.

  5. Also note that when applyingHenna painted eyebrows not only for yourself, but also the skin under them. This effect makes it possible to achieve the desired color and shape brows (not always the hair grows in the right place, and the staining of the skin will help to hide this effect).

  6. Eyebrows henna home has a low price, so that, to afford such a method can each lady.

  7. This painting, in addition to the already mentioned advantages, can adjust the shape of the face and make it the correct proportions.

  8. Staining henna - a painless process. Apply diluted powder brush and no, even minimal, skin damage occurs.

Arina, 24 years old: "I like to paint henna eyebrows because I can combine the benefits and beauty. It is a natural and inexpensive coloring component. Brovki them I steal every three weeks for the past six months. I can say that the hairs become thicker and healthier and eyebrow shape and color have always encouraging. " What to do at home effective moisturizing facial masks.

How to paint the eyebrows henna (+ photos "before" and "after")

Marianna, 41 years old: "Painting with henna eyebrows - is the perfect solution, look at before and after photos and prices on this wonderful natural powder. I spend painting every two weeks at home on their own. And that's just fine - for the next 15 days, I can not worry about every morning on how to tint eyebrows and look good. "

Are there negatives?

Color will only adjust wellfacial skin. Due to the fact that the great henna paints over each hair is often a shade too dark. But then do not panic - it is already a few days and will wash off a bit lighter. Also worth noting is that henna may slightly dry up the skin. Therefore, 12 hours before the procedure you need to use nutritious oil.

With regard to the use of contrahenna, it should be noted here that individual intolerance, eye problems (in particular, various kinds of inflammation). During pregnancy and breast-feeding to spend henna staining is possible, but only pre-consult with your doctor.

How to paint the eyebrows henna (+ photos "before" and "after")

Important! If you previously eyebrows were painted by some chemical composition, before applying the henna to make sure that the previous part completely washed away. Read how Mask of starch helps get rid of wrinkles.

Painting of eyebrows henna: photos before and after the shock. It would seem that the price of the powder is low, while it is a useful and natural, and staining them eyebrows can be easily carried out in the home. It is possible that for the first time will not immediately decide on the necessary shade and shape, but the experience in this case the quality indicator of the future.