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Hollywood Peeling: effectiveness, contraindications and advice

Hollywood Peeling: effectiveness, contraindications and adviceLet's talk about the popular Hollywood peeling? The desire of every woman to be always young and beautiful present for centuries. But in ancient times for the care of a woman used natural remedies for peeling, which has always been at hand. In our modern world, there are a variety of possible extension of his youth, and eliminate various flaws appearance.

Modern Estheticians offer womena lot of safest and most advanced techniques that have a positive impact on health, presented with freshness and beauty, take care of the figure, skin, hair and nails.

The most modern anti-aging treatments,which take care of the skin, making it smoother and healthier, Hollywood is peeling. Why he won such popularity and why it was so named? This you will find out in our today's article on elleonora.ru.

What is Hollywood peeling?

This procedure derives its name from the fact that its composition contains retinoic acid. Therefore, the peeling is also called retinoic.

Hollywood Peeling: effectiveness, contraindications and adviceAll the action procedures aimed at eliminatingcertain dermatological problems and problems with the age-related changes. As part of it contains ascorbic, phytic, kojic and azelaic acid. The name of these acids, of course, you do not say anything, so we'll tell you about the benefits they can bring to our skin.

Retinoic acid stimulates all the cells of the dermis(Resulting in increased production of elastin and collagen), is directly involved in cell metabolism, helps to enhance the production of epidermal lipids.

And the other acids, which are part of the peeling are complementary, so they complement the overall effect of retinoic acid, in addition they eliminate skin hyperpigmentation.

This can be carried out Hollywood peeling?

It can be attributed to the procedures, which have a gentle effect on the skin and it does not irritate, that's why this procedure can be used women of all ages.

This peel can be done with facialwrinkles, dull and flabby skin, the presence of scarring in the skin, hyperpigmentation, acne and post-acne. This procedure is an excellent prevention of skin aging, so it is often used by many plastic surgeons before dermatoplastiki.

Contraindications to the procedure

Despite the safety Hollywood peeling in some cases to carry out this procedure it is not desirable. The main contraindications include:
- Chronic skin diseases in exacerbation;
- Lactation and pregnancy;
- Diseases of the liver;
- Plane warts, rosacea, skin inflammation;
- Sensitivity to peel components;
- Herpes;

Implementation procedure:

Before performing this procedure, the skincleaned of all contaminants and decorative make-up. After which the prepared solution is applied to the skin, which is composed of salicylic acid and glycolic acid, resorcinol and chitosan. These substances help to quickly remove all the dead cells from the skin, thus preparing it for the application of the peeling composition.

Hollywood Peeling: effectiveness, contraindications and advice

In the first three minutes after the treatment of the skinThe patient may feel a slight tingling or burning, but very soon it should disappear completely. Upon completion of the preparatory phase is applied to the skin surface peels itself, which is washed off after a certain time (from 12 minutes to 10 hours). Retention time of peeling of the skin depends on its concentration and the impact force to the skin surface.

Hollywood pilling, which is applied to the skinfor a short time, it washed into the clinic itself. The composition of the peeling, which for a long time on the skin should be washed off at the expiration of 10:00 is directly in the home. This composition has a lower concentration of acid, so you can get a softer result. After application of such a peeling the skin it immediately fades and becomes virtually invisible.

If you want your facial skin has always been a beautiful and healthy, then the course of the Hollywood peeling should be performed every six months. Good luck to you!