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Getting rid of under-eye circles

How to get rid of under eye circles? Japanese scientists have proved once again that natural cosmetics has several advantages. They have discovered a new ingredient that gets rid of dark circles under the eyes.

Getting rid of under-eye circles

In solving this problem, according to experts,help black currant. Scientists have found that you can now do without concealers cosmetics. Test results showed that blackcurrants improve blood circulation around the eyes optic nerve, thus helping to get rid of dark circles.

The fact is that contained in black currantsanthocyanins - pigment substances which improve the blood flow in the capillaries and provide a large number of cells of oxygen. It also helps to get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

The most surprising and interesting for the scientists wassomething that is not only fresh berry has unique properties. Positive effect can be achieved by adding also frozen currants in juices, compotes, jams, pies and mousses.

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