Facial Treatments

Masks for face

Masks for face

Yolk-honey-oil mask

Yolk-honey-oil mask is used for dry flaky or irritated skin. It is useful to use two to three times a week.

To prepare mask pound of honey and 100 g100 g of vegetable oil with two yolks. A small amount of the resulting mass is applied evenly to the skin and left for 15-20 minutes. After that, the mask is removed with a cotton swab dipped in warm water. Mixture of this mask can be stored for several days in the refrigerator.

Hot oil mask

Hot oil mask works well with flaky skin and acne spot. For its preparation is used peach, almond, olive or sunflower oil.

A small amount of oil is heated in the bitchaluminum pan. A thin layer of cotton wool impregnated with heated oil, put on the face mask and cover of parchment paper on top of that - a layer of dry cotton wool to keep warm face wrapped with a towel or cloth. Hot oil mask is applied for 20 minutes. After removing the mask the skin rubbed with a dry swab.

Paraffin-oil mask

Paraffin-oil mask is also suitable for dryskin. To prepare 7 g of paraffin are required, 3 g of spermaceti, 10 g of cocoa butter, 10 g of peach oil. Part of this mass are spreading the fire in a small saucepan and applied it to the face with a cotton swab. The mixture quickly hardens, forming a film that is easily removed through the 1520 minutes. After removing the mask face carefully powdered talc.

Honey mask

Honey mask is used not only in dry, butand in normal skin, it softens and nourishes the face, making it smooth and fresh. To prepare the necessary warm honey mask 100 g of honey, 25 g of mixed alcohol and 25 g of water and pour the resulting solution was heated in honey. The mixture was stirred until homogeneous. The mask is applied with a cotton swab and leave for 10-15 minutes.

Yeast mask

Yeast mask is also suitable for all types ofskin, it not only nourishes the skin but also has astringent and cleansing effect. For oily skin and acne to yeast masks need to be diluted with water or hydrogen peroxide to dry - milk or butter. For the preparation of masks 15-20 g yeast cream was diluted to the density of water, hydrogen peroxide or milk. The diluted yeast is applied to the skin and leave for 20 minutes. If the mask appeared burning sensation, then an urgent need to wash off the mask. Its a simple wash with lukewarm water. Dry the skin after application of yeast masks smeared with fat cream.

lanolin mask

It softens the skin, cools and soothes it. For the preparation of this mask in the fire melted 20 g of lanolin and 10 g of peach oil, after which the resulting mixture is slowly poured into a cooled solution of borax (0.5 g of borax 40 g of water). The whole mass is stirred until white and thickened, after which it was added 2 g of zinc oxide, or kaolin. The resulting mixture is applied to the face. After a few minutes the water evaporates and absorbs a skin mask, however after five minutes an additional portion of the mixture is applied for 15-20 minutes. Then rub the skin with gauze and powdered.

mayonnaise mask

If you have dry flaky skin is very goodmayonnaise mask. It employs two or three times a week. To prepare this mask you need the egg yolk, peach, or any other oil. Before applying face masks carefully rubbed with a cotton swab dipped in oil. Then again lubricate the skin with oil face. The well-oiled skin impose egg yolk and rubbed his fingers, soaked in hot water. During grinding yolk is necessary several times to moisten your fingers with hot water - when crushed egg yolks and butter your hands are wet mass is formed, similar to mayonnaise. The mask is applied for 15-20 minutes, after which it is removed with a dry cotton ball or gauze.

dried mask

For oily skin use desiccating mask. The simplest dried mask consists of equal parts of white clay and talc. Best same action has a mixture of talc, kaolin and alum. In the case of particularly strong salootdelenie mask can be used with the following composition: 45 g of magnesium carbonate, 25 g of talc, 25 g of white clay, 2 grams of alum, and 2 g of boric acid. With a large number of acne alum in this mask is replaced by 5 g of sulfur.

Dried mask is prepared right before their application. For this purpose, a teaspoon of the powder is diluted in 30 g of water, mixed with
5 g of alcohol and 5 g of glycerin. The resulting mass is applied with a cotton swab on the skin, avoiding the brow and scalp. Mask dries quickly to form a white mass, which is left on the face for 15 minutes, then the skin is cleaned with a dry cotton swab. If the skin is peeling, then you can take off the mask swab dipped in oil. At dark skin color is better to plant desiccating mask hydrogen peroxide.

knitting mask

When enhanced propensity for skin greasiness and redness, as well as enhanced pores and skin after cleansing using astringent mask of calendula and protein.

To prepare the mask of a calendulatablespoon calendula spoon dissolved in 100 g of water and this solution is wetted with a thin layer of cotton wool. Lightly pressed wool put on the face, leaving free openings for eyes, nostrils and mouth. After 1520 minutes, remove the mask, his face wiped with a dry cotton swab.

Cabbage Mask №1

Cabbage This mask is very good for oily skin.
Take advantage of sauerkraut.

To do this, the crushed leaves with a thin layer put on the face, cover with a cloth and leave for 25-30 minutes. Remove the mask, wash with cold water, lubricate the face of nourishing cream.

If such a mask once a week to do, cabbage will not let you grow old. The skin becomes softer, straightened, posvezheet and acquire a beautiful color.

Cabbage Mask №2

Cabbage This mask is used for dry dehydrated skin with pigmentation spots.

First, wipe the face of corn, olive orany other vegetable oil, then apply a hot compress to the face at the rate of one teaspoon of baking soda per liter of hot water. Then, for 10-15 minutes, apply a mask of cabbage gruel.