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Skin Care

Skin Care

skin Types
Depending on the sebaceous excretions are several skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination.
In order to properly determine the type of skin, you can carry out the test.
Clear skin in the usual way, and after an hour she lay on a thin transparent sheet of paper.
If the paper does not remain any traces - the skin is dry.
If abundant fat in the forehead, nose and chin - a normal skin.
If traces of grease left on the entire sheet - oily skin.

CARE normal skin

Skin Care

Normal facial skin is most often the young. It is characterized by: pure matte tone, moderate fat grease. It is fresh, elastic, no black spots, wrinkles on it almost invisible pores. All efforts in the care of normal skin of the face should be directed to the fact, to keep it in this state as long as possible. The main thing - it does not retain moisture.

Cleaning the skin
Clean the skin should be twice a day. After washing it is necessary to wipe the face of toilet water, lotion, tincture of herbs. On the still damp skin cream is applied. After 10-15 minutes, remove the excess cream cosmetic tissue.
In the evening, face and neck cleaned of makeup, then wash with soap and water and then rubbed lotion and applied to a nourishing cream.

Lotion for Normal Skin
Cucumber. Grated cucumber mixed with vodka (4: 1) to give the composition to stand for 4-7 days and filter.

Dill. Dill water mixed with glycerol, 2% boric water, cologne or alcohol (6: 1: 7: 6).

Strawberry. Half a cup of strawberries pour a glass of vodka and let stand for 4 weeks, drain and let stand for 2 more weeks. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin lotion strawberry diluted with water.

Floral. 2 tbsp. l. a mixture of rose petals, jasmine, chamomile, lime, pour a glass of boiling water. An hour later, drain.

Lime. The flowers are dried and brewed as a tea (1:10), insist 20 minutes, filter and cooled.

From plantain. An aqueous infusion of plantain (1: 5), and even better diluted in half with boiled water juice of plantain. Such preparation is well affect the normal skin, delaying its natural decay. plantain juice also slightly whitens skin.

Of chamomile (1:10), an aqueous infusion. It is used for wiping the skin several times a day.

Because valerian. Rhizome soaked in boiling water (1:10) .Such same way prepare the infusion of yarrow, violet tricolor.

From Eleutherococcus. Pharmacy Siberian ginseng extract is diluted with water (1: 3).

From rice. Prepare a decoction of rice (1:10). It is used for treatment of facial skin two or three times a day. Broth rice whiten face and calming effect on irritated skin.

skin Nutrition
It is advisable to use low-fat cream. You can spend massage cream teaspoon heated in hot water. Treatment time 2 minutes first, and then it can be increased to 5 minutes. After the massage the skin soak a soft cloth.
Once a week is recommended to make nourishing mask. First, wash your face, then make a compress, or steam bath, and after this mask is applied.

skin protection
Normal skin does not need special protection. A good defense is the daily make-up for her. If the skin has freckles, age spots or dilated blood vessels, in the summer, it protects sunscreen creams, and then powdered. Those who have expanded blood vessels on the face, to protect your skin in the winter it is recommended to use creams that do not contain water, or melted goose fat, visceral melted lard.

Dry skin

Skin Care