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Dimexidum and solkoseril wrinkle: photos, reviews beauticians

Dimexidum and solkoseril wrinkle: photos, reviews beauticiansWhen a girl is young and beautiful, her skin is notrarely have pimples, they often pass after twenty years, and now after thirty begin to manifest itself first visible wrinkles on the skin, from which every woman is so eager to get rid of, to regain their younger years. But to eliminate these lines, you have to fight for its unmatched beauty.

Girls can use different methods to help eliminate wrinklesSome of them are quite expensive, while otherspainful and do not always provide the perfect option. How to find budget means which will not "hit the pocket", as well as to find the drug that will bring a good result, without pain and adverse effects on the skin. Of course, you can try to use different kinds of folk recipes that although the results show, but with deep wrinkles, they can not cope.

There are cosmetic products of wrinkles andand a variety of drugs, which are sold exclusively in pharmacies, but even their positive action is not pleased with the women, as the price of such facilities is high, and the side effects come to light at the wrong time. In this article, it is worth considering the use of Dimexidum and Solcoseryl wrinkle, reviews cosmetologists say that this tool can show very good results if used correctly. It is necessary to examine in more detail how the impact of each of these agents to the skin, as well as how to create a mask on the basis of these drugs.

Dimexidum and solkoseril wrinkle: photos, reviews beauticians

What are the features Dimexidum?

For several years and used dimexidesolkoseril of wrinkles cosmetologists reviews talk about their positive effect on the skin, it is worth a closer look at the action Dimexidum to find out why the drug makes it possible to eliminate wrinkles. Many experts say that a better effect on the skin has only two means combined into a single tool, most of them create the mask.

Not everyone even knows that such Dimexidum,this drug can only be purchased pharmacy, in rare cases it is possible to see the tool in the form of a gel, but most still sell the medicine in bottles in liquid form. That this drug is used for fast healing of small wounds, various ulcer formations on the skin, not infrequently it is administered in the form of compresses for severe arthritis and osteochondrosis, as Dimexidum provides not only a healing effect, but also helps to relieve pain and to eliminate the bacteria that had start their reproduction in the wound. Bottles can be sold in the amount of fifty or one hundred milliliters, for masks should immediately take a big bottle.

Dimexidum and solkoseril wrinkle: photos, reviews beauticians
This drug has a unique skinproperties, because it helps to remove the inflammatory processes, as well as easily destroy all the bacteria and germs that have begun to proliferate on the wound, which helps to suppress their development, and the remaining bacteria are killed. It is said also that Dimexidum and solkoseril of wrinkles on reviews cosmetologists help also accelerate the metabolism in the skin, which leads to better blood circulation, better nourishment of cells useful substances saturate every cell with oxygen and moisture, as well as the means will make it possible cells will be updated, and that helps to keep your youth and beauty for a long time.

As mentioned above, this preparation givesthe ability to improve blood flow to every cell in the body, but if skillfully apply this drug, we can see the effect of Botox, a medicine that really has on the skin, and the effect is even noticeable. If use of the drug in the right dose, the contours of the face will look more toned, and disappear fine wrinkles, and deep will be seen not so much. It is worth saying that the contour of the face varies considerably among women in a fairly early age, and this is what leads to aging, but the wrinkles can be formed in a more mature age. Therefore, the function of skin tightening mask can be considered one of the most necessary.

As a means to apply correctly?

There are a few rules of Dimexidum andSolcoseryl of wrinkles on the reviews of doctors, it is very important to correctly calculate the dosage means not to harm the skin of your face, because the drug can not be considered harmless and not dangerous to use. She must understand that it uses for Mask of wrinkles medicine, for this reason, have to comply with the instructions not to bring their health more harm than good.

Dimexidum and solkoseril wrinkle: photos, reviews beauticians
There is only one most important rule about whichsay all the doctors - do not take into means. Doing this is strictly forbidden, as the chemical composition of the solution is toxic, if even a small part of the money gets into the body, it immediately will cause their side effects as well as the stomach and intestines are exposed to the aggressive action of the poison, which leads to malfunction of these organs, as well as poisoning of the whole organism, it is accompanied not only by disorders of the stomach and intestines, but also nausea, vomiting (sometimes with blood), as well as loss of consciousness, and at higher doses of the drug or intolerance to components, such poisoning can result in death. For this reason Dimexidum must be kept as high as possible from the small children, who so want everything to taste, and do not use their own strange recipe in which the solution is ingested.

To make a mask from Dimexidum and Solcoseryl fromUser wrinkles of cosmetologists this drug must be used exclusively in the liquid form, because the gel has a slightly different components, which can lead to undesirable results. It is also worth considering that such a tool is never used in diluted form is not, if the recipe recommends taking the solution, not diluting it with other liquids, do not use this method, it is guaranteed to lead to severe chemical burns of the drug.

How to make a mask of these drugs?

Preparation for such a person means to beright, so before applying Dimexidum Solcoseryl and wrinkles, in the opinion of cosmeticians, around the eyes and the entire skin should be well cleaned, good use for this tonics or lotions, all depends on the skin type. It is important to use only those means which are neutral, do not contain excess alcohol, silicone and perfume. Today is the perfect tool to find quite difficult, for this reason, you can simply wash your face with water, and additional detergent.

Well, if you want to get the best result,the woman should follow the procedure of the water bath to steam the skin and make it more pliable for drugs. To do so means you need to take only one liter of boiling water and pour to a large pinch of chamomile or calendula, salvia is quite suitable.

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It is not recommended to start immediately steamed skinsince the solution need to cool slightly, enough to just a couple of minutes, the composition was not so hot, steamed and then start the skin. Sufficient to carry not more than ten minutes under a blanket over the pot to obtain excellent steaming the skin, in which case all the useful components of the drugs get into the cells much faster.

Dimexidum and solkoseril wrinkle: photos, reviews beauticians
Now a woman can make and DimexidumSolcoseryl ointment wrinkle, reviews cosmetologists say that to begin with is taken only the first solution of the drug, it should be diluted in the proportions of one to ten. That is enough to take one little spoon of the drug and mix it with the same ten spoons of boiled water. Next, the resulting mixture is moistened cotton pad and wipe well the entire face, paying particular attention to the contours, it is not necessary to apply a remedy to the eye area and do not use it near the mouth. If on the neck wrinkles appear, too, can be applied in the preparation and décolleté area.

Once the procedure is over, the girlcan cause skin ointment prepared, it is recommended to use the tool more dense layer, especially the focus on problem areas on the skin, as the product is safe, it is used in the eye area, nose and around the lips. All the same it is necessary to see to it that the tool does not fall into the eyes or nose, otherwise it will have to completely wash off the mask and apply it again. Withstand the composition sixty minutes, then wash off with plain water.