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Cleaning face at the cosmetician: before and after

Cleaning face at the cosmetician: before and afterWhat are the types of facial cleansing at cosmeticians, and what results can be expected from them customers. Photo "before" and "after", as well as description of procedures will help to choose the most suitable option.

Beautiful facial skin - is a pride for eachwomen. However, in modern conditions so hard to maintain the condition of your skin in order, especially when external factors so prevent it. Fortunately, modern cosmetology has long taken the lead, and helps to solve a variety of skin problems with the help of the latest technologies. Therefore, if there is no time for home skin care, you can safely go to the cleaning of the face at the cosmetician, previewing photos "before" and "after", reviews and prices of services, to find out which of the existing kinds of cleaning is right for your the skin and does not hit hard on the budget.

Cleaning face at the cosmetician: Types

It is necessary to start with the kinds of servicesIt offers a beauty parlor. It is now possible to find a procedure that would meet even the highest demands. This deep facial cleansing and exfoliation, and much more.

Cleaning face at the cosmetician: before and after

Today it is possible to allocate these types of facial cleansing:

  • Mechanical;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Laser;
  • Vacuum;
  • Chemical;
  • Galvanic.

To understand what kind of person suitable cleaningfor you, it is important to understand the essence of the procedure, what technologies and tools used in this case and how it helps the skin to rediscover the beauty and health.

Mechanical cleaning of the face

This species is one of the oldest, most popular and the budget that does not affect the result of the procedure. This cleaning helps to cope with acne and oily skin inflammation.

First, the skin steamed beautician client to open the pores and use for this special mask or evaporators devices that resemble inhalers.

Next entrance are sterilized instruments:

  • Vidal Needles;
  • Spoons Uno;
  • Strainer;

First needle pierces beautician talc,then spoon Uno squeezing pimples, then use a strainer, processes nose and those parts of the skin where there are acne rash. Beautician is doing everything by hand, and on the name of this type of service.

At the end of a beautician puts on the facethe specific mask, which helps to narrow pores, so as not to penetrate new dirt and germs therein. But this is not part of the final cleaning, as a mask after the skin is processed moisturizerIn order to make up for the loss of moisture.

I do not wish to face the day before cleaningimportant events, since two days the skin may remain red, which looks not very nice. You can not make the mechanical cleaning of the face, if you have eczema, herpes, or infectious diseases.

The results of the mechanical cleaning of the face can be seen on photos "before" and after ":

Cleaning face at the cosmetician: before and after

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face

This method of cleansing the skin is carried out with the help ofa special apparatus - skarber. The method does not require skin steaming. All you need to do the beautician, is to choose the appropriate type of skin cream, apply it on your face and start to drive the device in the skin, which clears fatty channels and removes the top layer of hard skin, allowing new cells get more oxygen and moisture.

The final chord of the procedure - applicationcomplex moisturizing and soothing mask. But this kind of cosmetic services has contraindications. Ultrasonic cleaning should not be done in the following cases:

  • Summertime;
  • Problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • Hypertension;
  • Pregnancy;
  • After mechanical cleaning of the face;
  • If under the skin are the golden thread for a facelift.

Cleaning face at the cosmetician: before and after

Cleaning face at the cosmetician: before and after

Laser Facial Cleansing

This method helps to cope with the factall the problems of the epidermis. To clean the skin cosmetologist uses a laser, and then does only one regular moisturizing cream. The effect of laser cleaning person keeps for a long time.

Cleaning face at the cosmetician: before and after

Vacuum cleaning person

This procedure involves steaming the skin,then squeezing pimples is not carried arms beautician, cosmetic and special suction cup. The procedure itself is a bit like a vacuum massage session as a beautician leads sucker skin using a circular motion that allows you to process the entire area of ​​the face. This allows a deep cleansing facial pores clean, which is impossible in the case of mechanical cleaning person.

The results of this procedure can be compared to photos "before" and "after":

Cleaning face at the cosmetician: before and after

Chemical cleaning of the face

Dry cleaning is carried out with the help of a personfruit acids, which are gentle way for the skin. In this case, do not use any devices, all the "dirty" work is done properly selected cosmetics.

Cleaning face at the cosmetician: before and after

Cleaning face at the cosmetician: before and after

Galvanic Facial Cleansing

Apparatus procedure in which the skinaffect small doses of electric current. All you need for this procedure - a galvanic unit and a special attachment to the electrodes. To the result was noticeable, it requires more than one session, and the whole complex, which could affect the budget.

Cleaning face at the cosmetician: before and after

And yet, you can try Hollywood peeling face.

Reviews of people

Cleaning face at the cosmetician - it reallya great opportunity to correct problem areas and give your face a healthy fresh appearance and shine. For those who are a little picture "before and" after ", offer read reviews of people who have tried this or that kind of cleansing the face at the cosmetician, and decided to share the experience.

Tamara, 33 years: "After the second pregnancy I startedskin problems, she became fat, appeared acne. At first I tried to mechanical cleaning of the face, which is painless. But the effect did not last long. Then beautician advised me to vacuum cleaning, which helps a lot to deal with oily skin, because cleans the deepest layers of the epidermis. This procedure was even enjoyable! And the effect lasts for six months. Beautician said to come in a year, and I think I'll do that! "

Alina, 24 years old: "Clean the face at the cosmetician I do twice a year. I tried to chemical, mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning. My favorites - is a mechanical and ultrasound as well as dry cleaning facial, my skin did not react very well. "

Julia, 27 years old: "I want to say that no matter what kind of cleaningperson you choose, the main thing to find a professional versed in the business professional who is simply obliged to consult about what kind of cleaning is right for your skin and will be the best option. "