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Cleaning far: an effective home remedy.

Cleaning far: an effective home remedy.

The strips to clean pores can be bought in a storefor a certain amount. But if you do the procedure on a regular basis, it is better to create an effective home remedy that will make your face skin clean and smooth.

Ingredients for money, deep pore cleansing:
1 tablespoon gelatin (without flavorings and colorings)
1 and a half - 2 tablespoons of milk (any)
Still you need to scoop, wooden stick to stir the mask and its application, the glass beaker.
Just two ingredients and your pores clear as if by magic.
1. Put one tablespoon of gelatin without dyes in a conventional cup (if you put, say, green jelly on a person can be a problem)
2. Add the gelatin, one or a few tablespoons of milk.
3. The mixture looks like this.
4. Thoroughly stir it, do it faster, until you get a good consistency. Add more milk if you get too thick mass, which will be uncomfortable to put on your face.
5. Place the gelatin in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. In the microwave mixture becomes more creamy.
Application of funds
Skin before applying the mask must be clean, so the pre-wash.
Stir the gelatin mass and immediately apply it on the face. This material hardens quickly, so you must act quickly.
In this case, we have imposed cleaner pores on his face, as the skin is prone to acne. You can apply the mask only on problem areas.
Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes. We waited for more time, but you'll know that 10-15 minutes - the time when it is better not to talk to cleansing mask perfectly dry and not torn.
At the end of time, grasp the edges of the gelatin mask and start to remove it from the face. This is the most fun part of the procedure.
Do this until you clear the entire face, then you will feel that your skin has become myagenkoy as a child.
Clean the pores free of dirt, with little or no hair, smooth skin.

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