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Caring for the skin around the eyes

Caring for the skin around the eyes

Anti-aging for women usually beginsskin around the eyes, because this is where there are the first age-related problems: skin loses freshness, swelling and appear fine wrinkles. And no wonder: in the epidermis layer of the eye is very thin - just half a millimeter. In addition, around the eyes is almost no sebaceous glands, the "soft pad" of subcutaneous fat and very little muscle, maintaining its elasticity. Collagen fibers ( "reinforcement" of the skin) are located here in the form of a grid, so the skin of the eyelids is easily extensible. And because of the looseness of the subcutaneous tissue is also prone to edema. In addition, it is constantly in motion: eye blinking, squinting, "smile". As a result, the skin around the eye is exposed to particular stress.

All this leads to that the skin around the eyes has from 20-25 years needs a special care, comprising a cleansing, moisturizing and toning.

* Cleansing

Commonly used for a special make-up removermilky lotion. But the latest tools for removing eye make-up are the two immiscible liquids: the top contains ultra-light oil that remove waterproof makeup, the lower (contains soothing plant extracts) removes the "normal" cosmetics, and at the same time and irritation. The use of oil-soaked cotton swabs and fatty creams is only justified in the application of waterproof makeup. People also wear contact lenses, fatty agents for removing eye make-up is not recommended - better to use fat-free lotion to remove makeup and waterproof mascara to give up. Do not forget - to remove eye make-up should be every day! When removing make-up movements should be soft, you must try not to stretch the skin - two cotton swab, moisten with milk and apply on eyes for 40-60 seconds. Then, remove makeup move downwards.

* Hydration and Nutrition

For these purposes special creams,lotions and gels. By means of conventional skin-care products are characterized primarily by the fact that do not contain the so-called "spread" oils which could fall into the eye and cause irritation in them. Of course, they must be approved by ophthalmologists. Creams are more suitable for dry skin, they make up for the loss of lipids (fats, which are so lacking in the area around the eye), smooth wrinkles caused by lack of moisture, and make the surface of the skin smooth and supple. Creams should not be applied to the upper eyelid and directly under the eyes, as the fats and oils may enter the eye, and this is detrimental. Avoid creams with lanolin, as due to his skin becomes swollen and blush. In no case do not smear the cream on the eyelid skin! It is necessary to put a dot: finger with a drop of cream gently push the skin of the century, and then make a slight vibratory motion. Thus, move from the outer edge of the eyelid to the nose. Such a method of application protects the skin from stretching, stimulates circulation. Lotions quickly absorbed through the skin by facilitating composition. They are also able to smooth out wrinkles, make the skin shiny, smooth. Gels are most effective and useful, especially if the eyes are prone to swelling, have increased sensitivity, or if you wear contact lenses. Gels can be applied on the eyelids. Cosmetics used for the care of the skin around the eyes should be changed in four months, to avoid conjunctivitis and allergic reactions.

* Toning

Plant extracts in the form of lotions, gels and tonics to soothe and refresh the skin. Soak in one of these funds cotton swab and apply it to your eyes for 5-10 minutes.

Qualitatively different attitude requires the skin around the eyes, if not already there were any problems.

Swells up after sleep eyes, dark circles under the eyes

* Use for morning cleansingspecial cooling gel eye with herbal extracts. So just get wet gel upper and lower eyelids and wait a few minutes before make up.
* You can apply cold tea bags to black tea: bags should be brewed with hot water, cool in the refrigerator and for a few minutes to put on eyelids. Then apply a thin layer of cream and do morning exercises, run. Sweat and exercise in combination with lotions quickly eliminate edema.
* Work wonders special "ice" mask. They are made of plastic, filled
gel and stored in the refrigerator. If necessary, they are placed for a few minutes on the eyes closed. They are sold in pharmacies.
* Use vegetable mask - mince parsley roots, apply the resulting slurry to the eyes for 15 - 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
* If the above methods do not help, consult a physician, nephrologist: perhaps you have something wrong with the kidneys.

To hide dark circles should be soughtspecial funds - concealers - their consistency is usually more delicate and light, despite the fact that the coating (camouflage) capacity can be even higher than the foundation. Before you use concealer, if necessary, apply a lifting cream. It will help to smooth wrinkles and make skin elastic. Creme necessarily let soak, the skin needs to find a better tone and smoothness. Sam concealer should be applied only to the area of ​​the bruise. After that, very easy to powder the area of ​​the lower and upper eyelid.

Pouches under the eyes

* Sleep so that the head slightly rose above the level of the body;
* Do not use fatty creams under the eyes, they only increase the swelling.
* Try not to abuse the beer, a strong drink, spicy and salty dishes, the use of which leads to the accumulation of fluid;
* Do:
o contrasting packs of broth sage: 1h. spoon sage grass fill polstakanom boiling water for 10 minutes, drain and divide into two portions - the hot and cold. Put the two gauze wipes in a bowl with hot and cold water. Apply alternately then cold, then hot compresses for 10 minutes during the month before bedtime. Similarly, we can make a compress of chamomile or fennel.
o masks from raw grated potatoes: pulp is laid out in gauze on the eyelids for 10-15 minutes 1-2 times a week.
o improvement brings a special massage, which drives lymphatic fluid. These "lymphatic drainage" is best done in a beauty shop.
o is also the reason may be in diseases of internal organs. Bags under the eyes can be hidden under a thin layer of foundation, which should be slightly darker than your natural skin color.

The skin around the eyes in the evening is contracted under makeup lines formed

* Over the makeup gently apply the gel to the skinaround eyes. The skin becomes smoother, posvezheet and wrinkles smoothed. The same effect can be achieved by using so-called "eye pencils." They look like a lipstick colorless and contain a lot of nutrients biologically active substances.
* But the main thing - the skin around the eyes should be properly looked after. Dryness can be caused by improper care, and, of course, will be exacerbated when applying makeup.

Irritation and inflammation

* Tired eyes can "treat" for the tubeye. To this end, a special small cuvette is filled with a soft liquid cream to the eye (this can be purchased at the pharmacy), gently apply it to the open eye and the eyeball is rotated so that the eyes became wet
* As an exception, you can useeye drops. They are sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Some drops contain substances that narrows blood vessels, so they are not designed for prolonged use.
* Red eyes and eyelids can help ifrinse their infusion of chamomile flowers, or linden (1 teaspoon of dried flowers poured a glass of boiling water, insist 15 minutes and strain through cheesecloth folded in two layers).

Fine wrinkles around the eyes

* Use the "active" cosmetics: with the means of influencing the production of collagen, normalizing the content of the glycans - a substance that fills the space between collagen fibers.
* In bright sunlight (summer and winter), wear sunglasses. It is necessary to lower blink and squint.
* Useful massage, which preventsthe premature appearance of wrinkles around the eyes: in the evening, after cleansing, take on the tips of his fingers a little olive oil and massage easily orbicularis oculi muscle in the direction from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Then - if you play the lowered centuries, as the piano. Closing his eyes, put on for ever the bent fingers. Under his fingers, try to open your eyes. Sensing the tension, at the same time lift the eyebrows.
* Mask from the "mesh" around the eyes:
o infusion of fresh birch leaves 1 glass of foxes
Shabat birch pour 1 cup of cold water and insist 8 hours and strain. Use as a compress.
o Melt 1 tbsp. honey, add the item. a spoonful of flour and beaten egg white. Mask to keep for as long as she / it dries, then rinse.

Wrinkles can be masked with newconcentrates, actively fighting against wrinkles, containing ultrafine particles of powder. These particles reflect light powder, and wrinkles around the eyes become less visible. Such superactive matter how biogialuronovaya acid and malt oil, giving the skin more elasticity and strengthen its protective properties. These concentrates are applied in the morning before makeup and rubbed light patting movements.

And finally, most importantly - tryeliminate the causes that lead to the above defects: lack of sleep, prolonged stress, eye fatigue, smoking. Take a good vitamin complexes, more to happen on fresh air, exercise and do not skimp on the means to care for the skin around the eyes!