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How quickly at home to get rid of age spots on the face

How quickly at home to get rid of age spots on the faceBrown spots on the face, even if you have themNow there can appear at any age. The reason for this are the hormonal changes, the use of poor quality cosmetics, various medications or contraceptives, even pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to know and understand how to get rid of age spots on the face at home quickly.

Important! Before the start elimination of home age spots, you need to understand what wasthe cause of their appearance. Often dark spots indicate kidney problems, liver and female reproductive and urinary system. They can occur due to severe stress, strain, and even just a lack of vitamin C.

Homemade methods to get rid of age spots

Fresh parsley

In many videos as get rid of agespots on face at home fast video, it shows the effective uses of parsley. This unique cosmetic product, which is ideal in this situation helps to whiten the skin.

You will need to disassemble the bundle of parsley onleaves and pour 0, 2 liters of boiling water. Leave for an hour and then strain the infusion. Dilute with equal proportions in the fresh cow's milk and used twice a day for wiping face. A few days infusion can be stored in the refrigerator.

How quickly at home to get rid of age spots on the face

Fresh cucumber

Next green vegetable that helpsrapid removal of age spots. Natural green fruit should be grate. The resulting mass of a dense layer of cucumber applied to the face, cover gauze. The mask is left on the quarter of an hour, then remove and rinse face with warm running water. If dark spots strengths such maxi can be done three times a day

Juice of lemon, grapefruit

Citrus juices are fresh-pressed can be used to wipe the skin to whiten it. The best thing here is suitable lemon or grapefruit, although you can also use orange.

It is possible on the basis of lemon juice to cookspecial lotion. Simply mix the little spoon of fresh lemon juice and plain water. It is important to handle the lotion only spots, avoiding healthy skin.

Fresh currants

You can make a berry mask based on freshcurrant. Rinse berries and mash by hand, then apply to the face for 10 minutes. Longer berry keep the mask on the face is not necessary, it contains a lot of fruit acid, which can cause burns to the delicate facial skin.

How quickly at home to get rid of age spots on the face

Cottage cheese

Based on the average fat content of cheese, preferablytake home the product, you can also make a mask for whitening pigment spots. It should be added to the curd to 15 drops of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia (per tablespoon of cottage cheese). Grind everything into a homogeneous mask and applied directly to the area with a pigmented stain for 15 minutes. Then wash off with warm water.

mustard powder

This method to get rid of age spotsat home face quickly, not the most pleasant. On the other hand, the method is extremely efficient and effective. Get ready for a strong burning sensation. Dilute mustard powder a minimum amount of water to make paste. The mask is applied only to problem areas, to avoid its contact with healthy portions of skin. As soon as the burning, the mask must be immediately wash, put on the treated areas moisturizer.

Kefir or yogurt

These dairy products havingwhitening effect, you can buy in any store. But, well, if you'll have to get home yogurt. He has such a strong effect of bleaching, pigmented spots that will be significantly lighter than the next day.


In the spring and summer in getting rid of age spotsgreat help celandine. To prepare the lotion, you will need a tablespoon of fresh celandine brew 100 ml of boiling water. Writing a means to infuse, then strain and wipe your face twice a day.

Cosmetic clay

Today therapeutic clay in dry or liquid formsold in any drugstore at an affordable price. To all therapeutic effects of clay can also be added even whitening pigment spots. In such a situation, make a mask, when added to a tablespoon of white clay as soda and half a spoon of talc. All the mix, adding half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. On the face mask to keep no more than ten minutes.

How quickly at home to get rid of age spots on the face

As you can see, all the ways to get rid of age spots on the face home quickly simple, understandable and affordable, as well asa method for preparing a variety of natural cosmetics. With the right approach, if we can identify their unique tool that will help most, it will be possible in a few days almost completely to get rid of age spots.