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As at home quickly remove bags under the eyes

As at home quickly remove bags under the eyesUnfortunately, today's city dwellersbags under the eyes appear quite often. This is due to constant fatigue and chronic stress, lack of sleep, and even a shortage of fresh air. If a problem arises, it is important to know how to remove bags under the eyes in the home quickly.

Traditional food often helpto get rid of a lot of trouble. Bags under the eyes here are not the exception. The skin around the eye is thin and sensitive, if a person did not sleep well little drink some water or eat much the day before - all this is reflected in the face, it is in the eye area. But the simple home remedies will help to return the skin a fresh look, get rid of the redness of the eyes and remove the bags under the eyes.

How to remove bags under the eyes at home quickly in the morning

Green or black tea (or broth chamomile)

The green or black tea, as well as in the brothchamomile flowers, contains tannins called tannins and caffeine. Tannins have an astringent impact on the code, thereby making it possible to quickly get rid of the swelling. Caffeine, in turn, constricts blood vessels, eliminates swelling under the eyes.

A decoction of chamomile flowers operates a little differently. It is characterized by the natural anti-inflammatory properties that not only relieves swelling, and redness of the eye passes.

As at home quickly remove bags under the eyes

To make a suitable broth, you need twobags of any given type of tea, pour a glass of boiling water. Leave on for three minutes, then remove the tea bags from the water, squeeze a little bit and let cool. Put on the sachet to each eye, keep 15 minutes.

Important! Before you put the bags on the thin skin around the eyes, you need to make sure that they are sufficiently cooled.

Cold tablespoons

Very fast and The easiest wayHow to remove bags under the eyes at homeconditions of man or woman. We need to take the usual Nightingale or teaspoons, and attach to the area under the eyes. When exposed to cold metal narrowed blood vessels, thus reducing the puffiness around the eyes and eliminate red eyes themselves.

We need to take four spoons and put them in a glasswater and a large amount of ice. When the spoon to cool sufficiently, remove the two of them and put under each eye. Over time, the metal heats up, then it is necessary to replace these spoons those still in the water. So change places spoon until the swelling disappears.

As at home quickly remove bags under the eyes

Cold milk

To reduce the bags under the eyes, you can use an ordinary jelly. In addition to the main action, it will soothe dry and irritated code satiate her fat.

The capacity of the poured cold milk (you canuse cream) and add ice. When the liquid becomes icy, soak it in two pieces of fleece. Squeeze a bit of cotton wool and put on the eye area. When fleece warm up, moisten the new wool and re-attach to the problem areas in cold milk.

Fresh cucumber

Next a product that helps in howremove bags under the eyes at home quickly in men or women - is an ordinary cucumber. The tool can be attributed to the classic version to eliminate bags under the eyes. The product contains a lot of vitamin C and caffeic acid. It is these two ingredients contribute to the removal of edema.

Cucumber previously to cool, and thencut off from him two circles. Lay on the area around the eyes and leave for 15 minutes. Then, remove the cucumber slices, and the problem area rinse with cool water.

The protein of chicken eggs

Proteins can be used as an astringent, gives the skin elasticity and smoothness. It will be necessary to take proteins home eggs or those who further fortified.

As at home quickly remove bags under the eyes

Two protein shake up and, using a clean brush, dense layer applied to the area under the eyes. Allow to dry for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm running water.

Other good advice

To the bags under the eyes and bruises often not botheredYou need to think about your lifestyle. In the first place, to normalize the power. Should eat less salty food, conservation, spicy food. Do not abuse alcohol or soft drinks.

One of the common causes of the formation of bagsIt is the lack of sleep and irregular sleep. So, should subside least 7 hours a day. During sleep, the head should be slightly above the body. Pillows should be special orthopedic, not pen.

These are the basic tips that will help in the wayremove bags under the eyes in the home quickly. If the bags, in spite of all these recommendations, appear again and again, it is the body's signal that there are failures in the work of the system. It is necessary to see a doctor and undergo a full examination of the body.