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Acne: treatment at home

Acne: treatment at homeAcne - the most commona disease that occurs during the clogging of the pores of the skin sebaceous glands and dead cells. The discomfort and trouble, which gives acne is experienced by not only women but also men. Therefore, our site will tell you about acne, its causes and treatment.

How acne appears on the face?

Acne on the face are different stages of development. Immediately on the skin there are small bumps or lumps that are small grease tube. Very often these plugs fat begins to oxidize, thus causing black dots or comedones.

The sebaceous glands, corked - itan ideal breeding ground for a large number of bacteria. That is why the acne on your face as often inflamed, red, and they become a festering. After that, an abscess on his face torn, so skin completely gets rid of the infection and the accumulated fat. But the consequences can occur as enlarged pores, and scarring of the skin.

Acne Treatment - this is a very lengthy anda tedious process that requires a daily basis to carry out all the necessary procedures. Even if a couple of days you will notice a positive result, you should still do not stop and continue to carry out all the procedures.

Your makeup It will appear from it only better.

Causes of rash

The main predisposing factors to the occurrence of acne are:

· Violation of hormonal;

· Hereditary predisposition of the skin;

Acne: treatment at home· Diseases of the liver and stomach;

· Malnutrition;

· Seasonal and climatic factors;

· Stress;

· Incorrect and inadequate skin care.

Cosmetics for the treatment of acne

At the moment, many cosmetic companiesWe developed a whole line of cosmetics, which are specially designed for more care for problem skin, treatment and prevention of acne. But such cosmetics can recommend only a qualified doctor.

These cosmetics perfectly penetrates into the lower layers of the skin, providing complete care and treatment, while at the same time as the usual cosmetics can act only on the top layers of skin.

Proper hygiene

Try to clear your few times a dayface, for this you need to wash using antibacterial soap and then treating the skin with special lotions or tonics. Not fond of using cosmetics, since it may contain harmful chemicals.

No need to hide acne under a thick layer tonal resourcesAnd all applying makeup, try to wash your face with time.

For rashes person try not to touchtheir dirty hands, because it can cause inflammation of acne. Your handbag should always be antibacterial wipes to wipe your skin sometimes.

Means at home for the treatment of scars

- Potato facial mask.

Acne: treatment at homeUse 100 mg of fresh juicepotatoes and mix it with one spoon of liquid honey. The resulting slurry should be applied to your face, leave for twenty-seven minutes. It is desirable to perform this procedure every day for several weeks. Then make a small break for about six days, and then you can proceed to complete this procedure.

- The mask of tea tree oil.

Another effective remedy for rashesskin mask is tea tree oil, egg white and starch. Such effective mask helps remove bacteria from the skin, due to which the feedstock occurs on the face and to help narrow pores. To make the tool you need a good shake up fresh protein, and then add a couple of drops of tea tree oil and a little starch. All content mix and apply on your face, where rinse water in ten minutes.

- Lotion of fresh cucumber and honey.

For regular wiping their faces you canprepare a special lotion made of fresh cucumber and honey. Grate one vegetable and mix it with two spoons of honey, add hot water and leave for several hours. Daily wipe your face this lotion immediately after washing.

- The mask of oat bran.

Your acne on your face will take place in full ifyou'll use a mask, prepared on the basis of oat bran. To make the tool carefully chop oat bran on a coffee grinder, add a little baking soda and mix thoroughly all. This tool store in a glass vessel, and when you will need to make a mask, take a small amount of money and spread a small amount of warm water for fifteen minutes, and apply to the skin of your face. After the procedure, wash your face thoroughly.

- Castor oil to cleanse the skin.

For deep cleansing, usecastor oil, mix it with olive oil, and carefully rub the oil into the skin of his face. Twenty minutes later, apply on your face towel that has been soaked in hot water. Thus, you will clear your pores and improve the color of your face and no acne to disturb your peace.