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10 of the best moisturizers for the face - Rating

10 of the best moisturizers for the face - RatingRegardless of the season, lifestyle and diet,each taking care of their appearance girl or woman is obliged to ensure a sufficient amount of skin moisture. Only then can the epidermis cells to function normally. In order to maintain the necessary level of their life should take into account many factors that affect the skin condition.

The appearance of premature wrinkles are often associatedwith uncomfortable climatic conditions, low level of humidity in the living room. In addition, harmful skin reflects modern heaters, wicks away moisture from the air, resulting dehydrated skin amenable to scaling, inflammation and the formation of small wrinkled folds.

In order to prevent such troubleProfessional cosmetologists recommend using special cosmetics. The ideal solution moisturizers are in this matter. However, when choosing the necessary cosmetics may be some difficulties associated with a wide range of presented products in retail networks. Another important point is the efficiency and accessibility of moisturizing face cream. Ranking The Top 10 is provided below for reference.

10 of the best moisturizers for the face - Rating

It should know that the main emphasis inFacial skin needs to be done to restore the water balance and supply a full range of required micronutrients, vitamins and other nutrients. In ascending order of price posted cosmetic counterparts, one after another.

"Clean line"

The first beauty-product, which is consideredIt should be more detail, a series of creams "Perfect skin" brand "Pure Line". The low value of the goods ($ 5) ensures a universal demand. Moreover, judging by the reviews of buyers, it has all the properties stated in the manufacturer's packaging. Women who have experienced the action of the product itself, say that he is really able to penetrate deeply into the pores and promotes better nutrition and hydration of the skin. Confirmed and its impact on the redness and inflammation. Among low-cost means of moisturizing face cream (Rated Top 10 after 35 years), "Clean Line" is suitable as an opportune moment.

10 of the best moisturizers for the face - Rating


Behind him, approaching the most championshipinexpensive options product line "life-giving moisture" from Garnier. The advantage of this cosmetic analogue perform its properties. He is able to regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands, stimulate the metabolic processes in the skin cells and naturally nourish and moisturize the skin. Especially this tool effectively manifested itself during the cold season, maintaining water balance and penetrates into the dermis. In addition, the moisturizing cream from Garnier remove oily skin shine by their member matting sorbet.

What sways the cost of this product, then afford to spend about $ 5 in order to maintain youth and beauty are all women.


Cosmetics Series face of Nivea long earnedconsumer confidence and successfully exists in the market, creating serious competition to the more expensive counterparts. Daily moisturizing cream for the face (top 10 best 2015 gave him third place on the price scale) to cope with the task of ensuring the proper level of moisturizing and softening the skin at the highest level.

10 of the best moisturizers for the face - Rating

In the production of creams from Nivea it has recently beenintroduced an innovative technology called Hydra IQ, whereby wrinkles question is no longer as acute. Cosmetic means would be suitable foundations for the daily makeupWhich will at the same time enrich the skin with vitamins, health and beauty. Low cost cream ($ 10) contributes to its popularity.

«Green Mama»

Another moisturizer for the face 10 ratingthe best after 30 years is the product in the same price range as the previous party. This is the cream "Plantain and mother-and-stepmother" line Green Mama. Using this cosmetic product, will not have to worry about its effectiveness and efficiency in the care of sensitive skin. Containing extracts of plantain and treatment mother and stepmother, it helps the skin to restore the original elasticity, improves its color and ensures its healthy tone.


Five of cosmetic products which do not exceedcost $ 12, encloses cream Arctic Aqua from Lumene. Due to its high quality and unusual composition (it contains a real arctic water), it copes with the problems of peeling and skin irritation. Furthermore, the product is enriched with minerals, helps to maintain moisture in the cells.


Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 (Kiehl's) a high level of toning the skin and its mitigation. In addition, this moisturizer person ranking Top 10 after 25 absolutelyversatile, as it can be used both in winter and in summer, helping to deal with skin problems of any kind. It actively protects the skin from the face of destructive external factors, deeply moisturizing it. Price Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 (Kiehl's) is about $ 20.

10 of the best moisturizers for the face - Rating


Vinosource Moisture Recovery Cream Dry Skin brandCaudalie the, in contrast to the previous ranking member, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Reviews Ensure the highest quality of products consumers say that particularly distinguished himself positively this moisturizer in hot weather, protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. He does not roll evenly distributed on the skin surface, saturating the skin with trace elements and eliminating redness. A little surprised by the price, because it is about $ 30.


An interesting option is costly andHydra 24 Light. It is worth noting that the said means for creating, manufacturers have sought to obtain multi-functional product. Conceived fully embodied in life: the cream is easy to rehydrate the skin and gives it a smooth texture. It is quickly absorbed, thus, it is easy enough to apply. $ 35 - so this is a moisturizing face cream top 10 best.

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Reviews Many women who take care of theiryouth and beauty, confirms excellent effect, which has a cream Aqualia Thermal from Vichy. This tool restores the elasticity of the skin, restoring its freshness and the necessary amount of moisture and nutrients. Cost of the cream ranges from $ 40.

10 of the best moisturizers for the face - Rating


Of great importance in the care of their ownappearance has a moisturizing cream. Ranking Top 10 to 30 years old is completing production of the brand L'Occitane. "Angelica Hydration life-giving" is designed for daily use. Such means of protection against irritating external factors give the skin softness and hydration. Furthermore, as long-term use consumers have repeatedly noticed the disappearance of small lesions, acne spots and a complete absence of peeling. This product is one of the best of its kind, but the main obstacle to its purchase may be a price. $ 50 may exceed the budget set aside for the purchase of cosmetics.