Even in ancient Greece it was known about the medicinalproperties of seawater. Salts dissolved in sea water, dirt and algae are able to prevent infection, improve the performance of the musculoskeletal system, contribute to the rejuvenation and overall improvement of the body. Thalassotherapy - now known as a very popular range of healing and rejuvenation procedures on the basis of "seafood".

A favorite procedure - it is certainlywrap, which is now experiencing a real boom thanks to the cult of the "Brazilian butt" and ideal forms. In general, a modern girl in our days without wrapping not live. But if you think, and what we know about the wrapping? Well, in addition, it is fashionable and relatively expensive? Let's try to understand.

First of all, wrapping great fightscellulite. The result is visible to the naked eye after the first session, and that this effect is made wraps treatments so popular. Many believe that this goes the extra fat, guilty in the formation of "orange peel", but it is not so. Consuming fat wrapping is not under force.

Of course, when the first three daysafter the start of wrapping you loose in the waist and hips to 3 centimeters, there is a feeling that the procedure is "devouring" extra kilos. But the effect is not due to the disappearance of fat, and due to the outflow of excess water from the tissues, which makes these centimeters. Unfortunately, as fast and easy to lose water as easily and be reimbursed.

But do not be disappointed. Wraps are really struggling with cellulite, they tighten, align and "young" skin, improves lymph and nourish skin cells. And to secure the wrap effect needs to be combined with other anti-cellulite treatments - myostimulation, massage, physical activity and proper nutrition.

Wrapping has a positive effect on all the layers of the skin and subcutaneous fat, as well as:

• helps cleanse the body (elimination of toxins)

• strengthens the immune system and is recommended as obshcheozdorovitel'noy procedures

• keeps skin elasticity proverhnosti in the process of losing weight,

• restores the tone of the breasts,

• promotes the excretion of excess fluid,

• relieves swelling,

• relieves stress and tension.

What are wraps?

All the wrapping mechanism of action are divided intohot and cold. When hot through the open pores of us "fly" toxins. They are indispensable in areas with cellulite with a dense layer of fat (butt, thighs, possibly stomach).

When cold wrap capillaries and blood vesselsnarrowed, and blood and lymph carry the toxins and wastes in the internal cleansing organs. It is recommended for edema, fatigue, heaviness in the legs, as well as rehabilitation after sclerosing veins. And it is indispensable to improve the skin wrapping lymphatic drainage. This wrap is ideal in areas of the skin with increased laxity.

It should be noted that there areContraindications. Any wraps prohibited gynecological, cardiovascular and skin diseases, hypertension. Hot wraps are not recommended for varicose veins, but the great cold for him.

How are you?

Before the procedure, the body scrub is cleared - whendense, severe cellulitis it increases the blood flow in tissues, stimulates the removal of water and fat. The skin at the same time is deeply cleansed, to active substances act as quickly and deeply. Also, wrapping may precede warming massage.

Then you applied the required composition (heIt depends on the type of wrapping), and then close the special protective film. And you lie 30-40 minutes. Then all washed away, and you are offered a douche or a special bath. Hot wraps are doing on the whole body. Cold more often on sites (eg, arms, abdomen or legs). Recently extended and combined types of wraps.

Types wraps

The most popular form of wraps - basedseaweed. They significantly reduce the cellulite bumps, make the skin firm and elastic, the body is saturated with all kinds of vitamins and minerals. Plus seafood in general have on the body bracing, improve immunity effect, give a burst of energy and improve mood.


Seaweed wrap is designed to reduce the volume of the body. It is composed of crushed brown and red sea coral algae.


* Leads to increased lipolysis and correction of localized fat deposits;

* Promotes fluid removal from the body;

* It stimulates the blood circulation;

* Accelerates the enzymatic processes aimed at splitting and removing toxins.

After the scrub on the body with a thick layer is appliedhomogeneous mass (algae wrap diluted with warm water), the patient's body wrapped film and covered with thermal blanket for twenty minutes. After showering apply thermo anti-cellulite cream.

Wraps Mud we knowfor many years - in the time of free vouchers to sanatoriums this procedure was mandatory for all, and we are actively disliked - well, not everyone's liking poured on him a bucket of hot black slime! But as time passed, the world has changed, health has become one of the core values, and we are now willing to pay decent money mud wrap.