Enemies of female beauty

The more successful beauty factory work,stylists, makeup artists, manicure-pedicure, the younger and it looks well-groomed woman. But none of the institutions and beauty salons can not cope with the problem of fading, if the ladies do not spare no effort in the fight against the six main enemies of their beauty. And for this they need to know in person!

Enemies of female beauty

Mental status of the woman in the first placeIt reflected on her face. This is especially true of the skin. Due to the enhanced release in the blood of "stress hormones" (epinephrine, norepinephrine, and so on. D.) And the weakening of the immune system in oily skin sebaceous glands begin to work at maximum speed, and dry skin to become more susceptible to injury and inflammation.

Help can only be one: sleep more, worry less, not given full care and problems, remember that life - it's not a race with obstacles. In general, the need to work to live, not live to work.

Smoking gives the complexion and conditionskin. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, on which the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Instead, they are saturated with carbon monoxide, which seriously hinders the process of regeneration. As a result, the skin loses its gray shade, loses elasticity, premature aging. Exit - quit smoking and take a daily vitamin C.

It dilates blood vessels, and it is often the fansIt is written on his face as red threads of capillaries. In addition, caffeine paralyzes the metabolism in the connective tissues, which is fraught with premature appearance of cellulite.

Tip: 2-3 cups a day will not hurt you. If this is not enough to maintain a healthy body, go to the green tea. The effect is the same - no harm.

Destroys vitamins, especially vital A, B and C. In addition, alcohol retards fluid in the body, edema occur, after which the skin is very difficult "ochuhatsya" and find the previous form.

Sweet tooth needs to know that the body of excess unwanted materials on the skin is manifested, for example, in the form of acne. If you want sweet, it is better to eat raisins or fresh fruit.

Animal fats hardly processed by the body, so do not get carried away and smoked pork chops. Go to poultry or lean meat.

Four walls.
If you have to sort of activitybe in a closed room, you feel a lack of oxygen and light, which affects the proper metabolism and blood flow to various organs.

This affects the muscle tone and conditionskin - there is an unhealthy pallor. And in rooms with air conditioning, the skin dries quickly wrinkles. Yield: either change jobs or do as much "air" breaks and do not sit at home at the weekend.