You have decided to lose weight! Where do you start?

Start losing weight should be to make a decision. We must decide - to take power over weight in their hands, and then steadily move toward the target.

To reduce weight should normalize caloric intake and the ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates; create an optimal power fold.

B: cereal, cheese low in fat, eggs, cheese.

Lunch: diet chicken or beef, seafood, rice, buckwheat, beans, vegetables.

Dinner: yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat vegetable salad.

Completely excluded from the diet: flour products, sweets, salt, sugar, mayonnaise, sausages, butter. And sharply limit the consumption of bread.

It is necessary to restrict the food intake in the evening !!!

In other words, you need to change the mode and soquality of food, as much as possible so that it fits the "balanced diet." It is very difficult, but possible! You just have to try to force myself to hold out for 1-2 days, and then everything goes like clockwork.

This nutrition program:

limits carbohydrates and fats, but maintains supply of amino acids, vitamins and minerals;

It supports the energy of the body and gives all the necessary nutrients for its functioning;

their use causes the body fat stores, while maintaining lean body mass (muscle, bone, heart);

eliminates fatigue, hunger and nervousness, supported the feeling of satiety, cheerfulness and efficiency.

When the diet is a pleasure!

Skopifit Everyone knows that diet should be accompanied by a feeling of hunger that a diet - it's monotonous meal without any pleasure, that a diet - a rejection of all tasty and the eternal struggle with temptation.

In the fight against hunger can helpunique tea drink "Fitodol for weight loss." It is a powdered herb subjected to special treatment, which preserves all the necessary vitamins and minerals, pressed into briquettes and do not require the preparation of infusions and decoctions.

Do not forget about physical activity. Fitness - your strong assistant to reduce the weight and figure correction. If you can not do fitness, it is necessary to resort to the morning gymnastics, cycling, pedestrian walks.

The most effective physical burden falls on the morning, when the body burns the most fat into energy and build muscle mass.

Forcing the result!

The main tool of obesity has always been considered coniferous sap, which were ground in a steam room. Oleoresins made of pine resin.

After contact with the skin it penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue and causes rapid combustion of fat. As a result, after a bathhouse women immediately lose 3-4 kg!

In France, the baths are not very popular, so thereFor more than 100 years of use special gum bath Skipofit. These baths are just like sap in the bath, the water temperature is very comfortable, just 36C, and steam is not necessary.

Skipofit penetrates the pores of the skin, openscapillaries, resulting in normalized power of all organs and cells. Removes toxins and toxins. The body itself begins to actively burn fat mass. After a month of such procedures has reduced weight to 10.7 kg.

Moreover, these baths have gumantiseptic properties, cropped all inflammatory processes of the dermis, the strongest way moisturize and tighten the skin, making it smooth and silky. It should be only 1 every 2 days for 15 minutes to take this bath.

The ice was broken!

If you are not hard to normalize weight in their desire to take someone for you this solution impossible.

If you do not have a strong motivation and a rigid mindset, you will avoid errors that will not allow you to come to a quick result.

"Breakdown" stop not only weight loss but also set back to a time of 48-72 hours. That is, for every morsel you pay that extends the period of burning fat for another 2-3 days.

To move the weight with the "dead point" indownward, you must fight together with them, begin the process of normalization of metabolism. Only then will the body, seeing an exaggeration fat mass, he will start to burn it.