Anti-Wrinkle Diet - The secret beauty of Julia Roberts. Efficient and fast food diet for weight loss free.

The famous actress Julia Roberts in addition to brilliantly played roles in film is known by the fact that almost refused to creams for the face and body and a special diet of wrinkles.

Anti-Wrinkle Diet - The secret beauty of Julia Roberts

What is it? The diet is based on consumption of fatty fish - salmon, mackerel and tuna, or a total ban on food containing starch - potatoes, rice, pasta, bananas.

What makes this diet? Fatty acids Omega-3, found in fish, provide the body with vitamins and minerals, improves blood circulation and gives the skin elasticity. A rejection of the starches, which give the skin looseness, revives even the most tired skin as soon as possible. For this reason, three days after the first one we can observe the results of such diets.