What to eat to calm

Your two-week diet went awry afterCall "on the carpet"? Favorite has not called, and on the way home you buy a cake? It looks like you do not belong to those who are motivated by stress loses appetite. And on the contrary - you are used to stick stress!
"Emotional eating" negates all your efforts to improve the figure.

What to eat to calm

Studies have shown that such a habitWomen are particularly susceptible. Interestingly, men are more responsible food to more serious events, such as job loss or divorce. Women can also unsettle the sense of loneliness and lack of emotional support.

I must say that those who are used to calm downfood, not satisfied fruits and vegetables. Relieve stress only helps nourishing, high-calorie, fatty or sweet foods. In the course are pizza, hamburgers, cakes. From that weight and is growing at an accelerated pace. And the extra weight does not contribute to a good mood. A vicious circle. How to break it?

A bit of theory

In the build-up of weight is guilty not only food. Under the influence of stress, the body produces the hormone cortisol, increased doses which causes the deposition of fat in the waist area. Additionally, cortisol metabolism slows! This means one thing, even if you do not consume more calories still you start to gain weight. But because stress triggers the desire to eat, calorie intake increases, and the weight begins to increase at an accelerated pace.
It should be noted that in this situation, doctors notrecommend treatment tablets, which reduce the level of cortisol, as it may permanently disrupt the hormonal balance of the body. No pill can not replace proper nutrition and physical activity!

We must act

Firstly, as women often suffer fromlack of emotional support, should take care of the company. It can be a group of like-minded people - such as wanting to lose weight. You can find friends, relatives or friends who are close to the problem, and who will always be able to support, to distract from the food, to help cope with stress or bad mood.
It is worth to find a hobby for some associated with communication with other people, such as training courses. Obviously, this will help to distract, to switch to a more interesting case.

Second, increase your physical activity. Take aerobics, jogging, dancing, start your swimming pool or gym. There are many options, there are plenty to choose from. Physical exercise not only keep the body in good shape and helps burn calories, but also save from stress.
Teach some relaxation exercises that can perform at home.
If you feel that you are ready to break and eat something, go for a walk - brisk walking will reduce the appetite and distract from the meal.