Watermelon diet. Efficient and fast food diet for weight loss free.

Watermelon diet

Season watermelons - really blessed timein order to improve their health. It is a product that many nutritionists confer a truly miraculous properties. And the main thing that attracts watermelon diet - it is a minimum of contraindications. First of all the fact that it comprises an easily digestible sugars - glucose and fructose. Furthermore, it is necessary for us well of folic acid, cellulose, pectin. And thanks to the unique diuretic ability to excrete toxins it is considered one of the best kidney cleansers. Now is a good time to use a striped berry exactly for this purpose.

What is the watermelon cleansing

Watermelon diet

If the kidney examinations and consultations withdoctor you decide on a watermelon diet, eat watermelon should be around the clock, even at night. This is explained by the fact that it takes place at night increased concentration of urine, and it is the main factor contributing to stone formation. Conduct recommended diet exactly five days - that during this time manages to get rid of toxins, excess water in the body, unwanted salts. Watermelon diet is very simple. Necessary is for one day only watermelon rate of 1 kg to 10 kg pulp own weight. It should be very carefully monitor their state of health: sometimes the body to such monopitanie reacts negatively. It can help in many diseases of the liver - even such serious, as the Botkin's disease, cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis and cholelithiasis. As the handling of food the flesh of watermelon is recommended for atherosclerosis, gout, arthritis, obesity. It is very good for anemia, diseases of the blood-forming organs, the treatment of the effects of radiation sickness. Fresh watermelon pulp take on an empty stomach ulcer and high blood pressure. It can help with insomnia and loss of strength. But first before starting a diet you must always consult with a physician. However, it should be noted that you will achieve the effect only if the pulp will take a fairly large quantities - 1-2 kg two or three times a day. This should be done one hour before meals. And to prevent irritation of the stomach and intestines, it is necessary to start reception with small servings - 50-100 g twice daily and one hour before meals.

Guide to action

This procedure is more complicated, but also quitefeasible in the home. Pre-please be watermelons and black bread - the only power for a week. If you have kidney or bladder have sand or small pebbles, then the best time for their removal is considered to be 2-3 hours of the night. Sit out in a warm bath and just eat watermelon. But that is not all. On the eighth day at two in the morning take two tablets shpy, lie in a hot bath. Again, eat watermelon. The water in the bath at all times, keep hot. By the morning to begin a strong urination. Perhaps, at this time you will disturb pains. Then take two more pills shpy, stand, jump, getting up on his toes and sharply down on the heel. Then lie back in the bath. After two or three weeks, this procedure can be repeated. In the season of watermelons do not hinder cleaning two or three times. As shown, the result in this case is very significant. Under the influence of hot water dilates blood vessels and improves the function of the ureter. In a warm bath and the sand and stones, if present in your kidneys, will deviate less painful.

Watermelon diet is good just the minimumcontraindicated. But they are still there. First of all, diseases associated with violation of the outflow of urine - congenital malformations of the genitourinary system, prostate adenoma, postoperative adhesions. In addition, a diet including brown bread with watermelon, harmful to patients suffering from gastro-intestinal diseases, as this may lead to an aggravation of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Therefore, watermelon diet is sometimes advisable to combine the watermelon is not a black and white bread. Black oxidizes the urine and decreases the effectiveness of such a diet. Do not get carried away and cleansing watermelon in the presence of kidney stones larger. Under the influence of watermelon juice they can not fully dissolved, "pull" from the place. And it is fraught with kidney colic. Some people, especially the elderly, as well as in a number of chronic diseases of the intestine is relatively coarse fiber of watermelon can cause flatulence. And diabetics, even if they really want a taste of sugary miracle allowed to use it in very limited numbers - given daily sugar normal.

By the way, it is important to respect and someelementary hygienic norms. Choosing watermelon, not incise it. And coming home, wash with hot soapy water. These are very simple steps can help you avoid an intestinal infection, a flash, as we know, are not uncommon during the watermelon season. By the way, suffering from urolithiasis do not advise you to drag in the bag just a lot of watermelon - exercise can also cause an attack of colic. To start arrange at least one discharge watermelon day. Try to eat a day of 1.5-2 kg of watermelon. And nothing more. Ustraivayt

ie those days at least once a week. The result did not take long. And it will be the beginning: you are bound to believe in the healing power of striped berries.

How to choose a watermelon?

Watermelon diet