Water with lemon helps to lose weight. Efficient and fast food diet for weight loss free.

Water with lemon helps to lose weight

Benefits of weight loss Lemon has been known since ancient times. The ability of this citrus adjust our weight wins. But it turns out that you can make even a very tasty and healthy drink based on it.

Water with lemon is just as effective for weight loss andcombat obesity. It will serve as an excellent aid during any of the diets, as well as a useful supplement to your daily diet. This drink without losing the beneficial properties of citrus yellow, also has some diuretic and choleretic effect. Therefore, using water with lemon for weight loss, you should drink plenty of clean water. It is also necessary to protect the stomach from the damaging effects of citric acid. At the same time take to eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber, they reduce the feeling of hunger. salads, sprinkle with lemon juice can be eaten.

There is no single correct cooking recipebeverage diet of water and lemon. But all existing variations are not much different from one another: and proportions, and according to the method of application. So you can choose any of the recipes below.

The first intake of water with lemon is necessary to spend the morning. Heat water for tea. Cut the lemon slice and drop it there. This drink helps to speed up the digestive system and breaks down fats. Drink slowly, like tea. And during the day eat a few slices of lemon: it is even more to help you achieve the desired result.

Mix the juice of half a lemon with a glass of warm water. You can add a teaspoon of honey. Drink this mixture before bedtime or 30 minutes before breakfast.

You can completely grind the whole lemon (with peel), and the slurry is added to the water during the day. This drink is good cleans the body and promotes detoxification.

In order to be free from unnecessarykilograms, half an hour before a meal should drink lemon juice, half diluted with water. It activates the digestive system, increases intestinal motility, which all together contributes to a better digestion.

For fast weight loss is very good tincture of green tea, which added two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and lemon slice. Drink this infusion two or three times a day.

Experts recommend to give preferencewater with lemon and honey. Well, first of all, a little honey neutralizes acid. Secondly, it is also very useful and rich in vitamins. However, it should not use hot water as high temperature losing all useful medical properties.

Water with lemon every morning is recommended to drinkon an empty stomach half an hour before a meal. And in the evening - an hour and a half before sleep. And, of course, throughout the day. And according to some reports, it is best to drink a drink in one gulp, to the stomach once filled a large portion of the liquid. And then do a light vigorous activity - cleaning the house, going to the store or morning gymnastics. In this case, the cleaning effect of water with lemon activated quicker.

This drink is not only replenishes deficiency of manyvitamins and nutrients, perfectly quenches thirst, gives strength and vigor, while tidying up the nervous system. It also dulls the appetite, promotes weight loss and helps to clean the intestines and liver, restoring their normal work.

However, we should not forget that lemon cancause allergies. Also contraindicated in this method of weight loss for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In the first place to those who have increased acidity. Therefore, before starting a weight loss rate of water with lemon, check on the admissibility of the consumption of lemons in large quantities with the attending physician.

And, of course, necessary to enhance the effectrational approach to his regime, and the quality of food and do not forget about sports and physical education. Water with lemon - is not a panacea, but just a good drink for weight loss helper.