Kremlin diet. Efficient and fast food diet for weight loss free.

Kremlin diet

Kremlin diet: Kremlin diet is essentially a low-carb (or protein) diet. Its effect is based on the ability of the body at deficiency of carbohydrates to produce them, splitting fats. On this diet you are invited to eat by counting the number of products in USD - Conventional units.

In short, the Kremlin diet is based on four pillars:

* Meat and cheese
* No carbohydrates
* Fiber-rich vegetables
* Plenty of fluids

Kremlin diet: what can and what can not be ?!

Kremlin diet is good because you can havemeat, without limitation: pork, beef, poultry, fish, and even a sausage with sausage So, the first time. Kremlin diet is good because you can eat meat without restrictions. Absolutely. Pork, beef, poultry, fish, and even a sausage with sausage! Nutritionists, when you tell them that sit on the Kremlin diet, horrified: "Cholesterol! Fat! Horror!". However, optionally check for yourself what will be lived on your body fat alone: ​​it really is unprofitable. But steak, sausage of good meat, and chop kebab - absolutely appropriate. If you think you eat too much fat - cook lean chicken or fish. You understand that if your usual diet of meat dishes take up little space, and generally you do not really love MirSovetov send you in search of a different diet. Meat-eaters - you are welcome!

Having read the previous paragraph, you might think,that are in heaven: eat sausage and grow thin! But there is a second key point is not so simple. The effect of the Kremlin diet is based on the fact that the body is converted into a reduced carbohydrate consumption mode, so he stopped using only energy from carbohydrates, and began to work and consume energy from body fat reserves. To reconstructed metabolism, you have to eliminate virtually all carbohydrates from now on bread, sugar, cereals, potatoes and all-all foods containing carbohydrates - you are not friends.

Kremlin diet involves eatingno more than 40 grams of carbohydrates per day. And it is best to cope with this task vegetables - this is the third kit, which relies on the Kremlin diet.
In vegetables, undoubtedly have carbohydrates, butSome few of them, while the fiber useful for bowel much. Be sure to include in the diet of cucumber, cabbage, radish, lettuce, daikon radishes, zucchini. You can also buy in a pharmacy or shop bran.

But on fruits, unfortunately, have for long forgotten, except avocados, which due to its lubricity and minimize carbohydrates are allowed.

Place liquids in the Kremlin diet

Drink more! During the Kremlin diet the load on the kidneys may be slightly increased, and the liquid will help them work more efficiently. Finally, the fourth component of the Kremlin diet.
First, drink more! During the Kremlin diet the load on the kidneys may be slightly increased, and the liquid will help them work more efficiently. But in many drinks contain sugar, therefore, exclude all sugary drinks: soft drinks, fruit drinks, juice. Milk can be drunk, but in limited quantities: in one glass contains about 6 grams of carbohydrates.

Virtually unlimited possible to drink tea,herbal teas, but all without sugar. From time to time, you can add sweeteners in beverages not get carried away by them, sometimes they do not act on the body. The same goes for cola-light: not every day and not a liter!
What about alcohol? Kremlin diet it allows, if not worsen. But you have to go with the beer and sugary soft drinks to a very strong and savory: whiskey, vodka, brandy. By myself I know that if the party has steadfastly refused to alcohol, all are compulsively offer "to quit the diet and relax!". However, if you make yourself a cocktail of cola-light and cognac, and it will strain the whole evening, and the party will be able to, and you do not break the diet.

Additional advantages

Cheese on the Kremlin diet is encouraged, and what he was fatter, the better the lot of the diet is strictly forbidden fatty, fried, spicy, salty, in general, everything that we love so much.
Kremlin diet does not ban it all. Pickled cucumbers, eggs and bacon, salad with mayonnaise, caviar - please. The main constraint here is your sanity, which will certainly tell you that all must know when to stop.

Cheese on the Kremlin diet is encouraged, and fatter than he is, the better. TV
erdye better varieties of soft, but the processed cheese contains a lot of carbohydrates and are not recommended.

This suited the Kremlin diet?

First, the Kremlin diet is suitable for men,which can overcome itself and abandon the beer, but no meat can not imagine life. Kremlin diet is suitable for men who can overcome itself and abandon the beer, but no meat can not imagine zhizniVo Secondly, because it involves a lot of protein in the diet, it would fit athletes: is material for muscles. Some say that a lack of carbohydrates worse head thinks, but it's not true! It all depends on your attitude. If you will not go hungry, there will be no fainting or "retardation", which opponents like to say a diet.

Many experienced the Kremlin diet peopleThey argue that if three kilograms Kremlevka struggling weakly, then ten - excellent. From this we must conclude that the more you weigh, the more fit you this diet. Kremlin diet - for the strong spirit: you have to forget about sweet and not for a week or two, long enough, so, again, you have to love the fish-meat to sustain it.
Avoid diets in those cases if youserious kidney problems, stomach (for you a special meal will appoint a doctor), and if you are expecting a child or are breastfeeding. All the others can try. The journal further recommends to drink vitamins, if you think you eat enough high-grade.

Now you know everything you need to get starteddiet, and below is a table showing the "points" that weighs this or that product. Typically, these points correspond to the number of carbohydrate hundred grams product. Slimming dial a day not more than 40 points, but do not sit "at zero", have no carbohydrates the body needs to receive. And to maintain a stable weight, you can get to the 60-70 points per day.
If you are interested in your product is not found in this table, look in your cookbook, in the content of substances in the products table.

The table of the Kremlin diet

Kremlin diet