Summer diet. Efficient and fast food diet for weight loss free.

Special menu made taking into account the recommendations of our experts will help you lose weight and improve health.

Summer diet

Summer - the best time to lose weight! After all, right now in your body there is an exchange adjustment that make weight loss process is accelerated. Do you have a great opportunity to replenish the supply of vitamins, micro and macro elements, regularly eating vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries. But this does not mean that you should eat only plant foods. Boiled or steamed lean meat, fish or seafood must be by the host table. Try to eat less salty foods - salt slows down the process of losing weight.

At breakfast, eat 150 grams of low fat cottage cheese 150 grams of red currant.
For lunch, it is recommended to use 300 ml of dietary oat soup, 150 grams of boiled beef with basil. For dinner you can eat 250 g of vegetable salad with 2 teaspoons olive oil.