Simple ways to lose weight. Efficient and fast food diet for weight loss free.

I'll tell you about the simple but very effective method,to help get rid of excess weight. No need for any starvation or debilitating body workouts. Everything is much easier than you think. Itself tried all methods for yourself, that brought me to my 48kg. And it happened by itself, without any desire to do so. I suggest you 20 ways to help you lose weight.

1. Do not indulge in a tasty dinner. Simply make sure that half lying on the plate was the green. A portion can be of any size and preparation, but 50% of the content must be salads.

2. Every day, at a fast pace, you pass at least 4 kilometers. In order to save, instead of the usual bus, walk on foot.

3. Between receptions pischi- eat a banana. This fruit dulls the appetite.

4. Drink plenty of tea, preferably hot. This drink is not only speeds up the metabolism, but also the sensation of hunger.

5. Do not sit idle. Idleness, almost always, is the desire to eat something.

6. Fall in love, watch scary movies, jump with a parachute. It is proved that the admission of adrenaline in the blood, we lose weight and appetite.

7. Heard favorite pesnyu- do not hesitate to get up and dance.

8. Upon awakening drink a cup of strong coffee or tea. The best way to get all the toxins from the body.

9. Replace the white bread in the rye.

10. Use a vacuum cleaner every other day, and all floors can be washed daily. The apartment will shine, and the muscles are toned.

11. During cooking, check back often, for example, how much your soup is ready. I assure you that by the end of soup, you simply do not want to eat.

12. Often wash down the food with water.

13. Indulge in dessert. From a piece of cake you will not be nothing. Remember that the forbidden fruit is always sweet. That allowed simply loses interest.

14. Never go shopping on an empty stomach.

15. I do not advise there at night. This time of day is for sleep.

16. Take yourself anything terribly interesting to you, fully occupying his thoughts. Batz, and you all have forgotten about the dinner.

17. Get a dog. It certainly will not let you sit quietly.

18. Noticed that all sorts of disturbing thoughts as completely kill the desire to eat. No one would not wish, but if it happens - reap the benefits for themselves.

19. Replace the beer, wine and all kinds of alcoholic drinks, vodka.

20. The most important thing is more active in sex!