Shlakovyvodyaschaya diet. Efficient and fast food diet for weight loss free.

Shlakovyvodyaschaya diet

This diet is not only a programweight loss, but also cleanse the body. Unlike other diets shlakoochischayuschih, this course cleanse deeply and radically affects the body, increases its protective function, starts the process of self-healing organism.

The effectiveness of this diet depends largely on thethe time during which a person adheres to it: one week - to unload the body, two - on cleansing, three more - to recover. As a result, your weight is reduced by ten percent, you get a new influx of energy, as the cleansing of the body starts to work much more efficiently.

The basis of the diet - the alternation of dry and drinking days. This regular change mode helps cleanse the body of all the tissues, hence, it is an acceleration of the process of removing harmful toxins and metabolism products.

For drinks you can drink: water, fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas or plain.

Dry days should coincide with the day of rest. During dieting should eat vegetarian food, free from fat, poor in proteins, salts, and focus on foods rich in carbohydrates.

That rejection of fat reduces the fat content in the blood, affects the heart well.

Also, the diet is desirable to combine with a visitbaths, exercise, massage. In combination with a low calorie diet, these procedures will help to significantly reduce the weight and make the skin more elastic.

Day 1:

Immediately after waking up to drink 1 glass of water.
- Low-fat yogurt;
- Small grain bread;
- fruit salad;
(Or oatmeal (cereal), or low-fat cottage cheese and fruit).

- A large portion of vegetable or leaf salad with low-fat yogurt or lemon juice with a drop of oil;
- A portion of vegetable soup, a piece of bread;

- A portion of steamed vegetables without fat;
- 50 grams of brown rice;
- A glass of skim milk or yogurt,
- fruit.

As a snack between meals eat fruit, dried fruit, nuts (but in small quantities).

Day 2:

Only juices (vegetable or fruit), water, herbal tea.

Day 3:
In the morning, immediately after waking up, drink a glass of water with lemon juice or green tea or herbal decoction of mint.

- A portion of cereal without sugar with skim milk;
- fruit.

- vegetable soup;
- A portion of lettuce;
- 50-100 grams of pasta or buckwheat;
- For dessert - fruit.

- A portion of legumes;
- a fresh vegetable salad;
- fruit.
(Or potatoes, boiled in their jackets; salad serving of tomatoes and cucumbers, fruit).

Day 4:
Only juices, water, tea.